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Schaller's D&D Campaign

Why don't you hate elves?

Angels Locations

West Coast Overview Map

An overview of the Angels campaign. View Full.

The Angels campaign is based in the city of Angels, which is located roughly where the real-world city of Los Angeles is located. Actually, it's located where Long Beach is located, which is a much better site for a city of this nature, but who'll notice the difference?

The campaign takes place primarily along the west coast of North America, although it will expand into other locations as well, including other worlds and other planes.

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Angels and the Surrounding Region

Angels Regional Map

The city of Angels in a regional context. View Full.

Angels is a large port city located on the Pacific coast of North America. A metropolis of over 50,000 people, the city has a typical mix of races (66% human, 17% halfling, 11% dwarf, 5% gnome, and 1% other race). Shipping and fishing are its major industries, with several large shipping merchants headquartered there. Like all city-states, Angels proper is surrounded by a few dozen farming communities. A tribe or orcs dwells in the hills surrounding the city.

Barracuda Bay

Barracuda Bay Regional Map

Barracuda Bay and its surroundings. View Full.

Barracuda Bay is a calm, peaceful, and deserted bay located on the Baja Peninsula. True to its name, however, it is infested with barracuda, making it a dangerous place for casual swimming.

The peaceful Summerdusk tribe of lizardfolk makes its home in the vicinity, at the base of a low mountain range. The heroes are honorary members of the tribe.

Within the range lies an ettercap lair, then home to a band of vile ettercaps that preyed upon the lizardfolk. Beneath the ettercap lair is an age-old mysterious ruin, evidently once important to a group of humanoids that no longer walk the earth: elves. A black dragon slumbers within these ruins.