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Schaller's D&D Campaign

Elves need not apply.
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Welcome to Earth

Angels PCs

It's an Earth you might not know, and it's a D&D setting that might be unfamiliar.

Dozens of independent city-states dot the North and South American continents and their islands, wherein dwell humans, halflings, dwarves, and gnomes. Between the city-states, the open, untamed wilderness is the domain of tribes of orcs and ogres. Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica are great unknowns.

There are no monarchies.

The city-states live in peace with the tribes.

Dragons don't run around all over the place demanding tribute.

And there are no stinking elves.

The Campaigns

There are two main campaigns at play. One started out on the east coast of North America, in the city of Stormhaven (New York in the real world), and the other started out on the west coast, in the city of Angels (Los Angeles in the real world). Both take place in the "present," a socially advanced time that nevertheless looks like a classic D&D setting (with the aforementioned exceptions). The present happens to be a major crux in the history of this Earth, a time where heroes rise up to face mighty challenges and claim mighty rewards.

Because otherwise why bother playing D&D?

There have been other such cruxes in the past, and there will be others in the future. We visit these from time to time in mini campaigns or one-shot adventures.

What's With This Design?

What's with this site design, anyway? It's pretty, yes (unless your browser sucks), but... Falling leaves? Autumn colors? What the hell?

I keep most of my D&D notes in wiki-based documents created by Flying Meat's VoodooPad, which has a nice web export feature. One of the templates it can export with uses a design called "andreas06" by Andreas Viklund. VoodooPad calls the template "Falling Leaves," but it's the same thing.

It's a lovely design, and since I can dump my notes directly out of VoodooPad into web pages using the design, I figured it might be nice to make the whole site use the same design. And damn if it ain't pretty.

That's it. There's no deeply meaningful reason for my choosing autumn colors and falling leaves as a theme. Nor, in fact, did I even come up with the design. I'm a software developer, not a web designer.

For more cool templates, check out Open Source Web Design.

Maps and Thumbnails

All maps on these pages were generated via Google Earth. Since the campaign is based on a parallel Earth, I might as well use a slick piece of software to generate my maps. Sadly, there's no view of Earth sans evidence of human habitation, so you'll see real-world cities out there where there are none in the game.

The thumbnail viewer I'm using is called Highslide JS. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image in a floating layer you can move around: Just click and drag to move the image. You can open multiple images at a time, too. Click the floating image to close the view.