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Schaller's D&D Campaign

The only good elf is a dead elf.

The Stormhaven Campaign

Stormhaven PCs

The Stormhaven Campaign (a.k.a. the East Coast Campaign) started in early 2003 as one of about three or four roleplaying game campaigns occupying an ever-evolving group of gamers at the Lunar and Planetary Lab. A few of us had been with this group since before 1992. As old players moved on to new jobs, new players joined in.

Located in roughly the same part of North America as New York City occupies in the real world, the city of Stormhaven was the starting point for this group of heroes. The heroes wandered up an down the east coast for a brief time before heading out towards the city of Sweetwater, located where Havana is found in the real world. Sweetwater presently serves as the de facto base of operations for this group, but Stormhaven is really where it all started.

The Stormhaven Campaign and the Angels Campaign started at roughly the same points in time in the history of this setting. Because the Stormhaven campaign started more than three years earlier in the real world, the immediate "now" of the two campaigns is different, offset by about nine months to a year, with the Angels Campaign's "now" in the Stormhaven Campaign's past.

Player Characters

The Stormhaven Campaign has had an interesting and colorful cast of characters come and go over the years. Click on a hero for his or her (or its...) best quotes.

Current Party Members


Bren, a shady human ranger the party picked up on the jungle world of Morana, the equivalent of the real-world planet Venus. Originally hailing from the Angels area, Bren had his own mission to complete, which he did when they returned to Sweethaven. He hasn't found a reason to leave the party yet.


Keth, an orc druid. He started out as a half-orc, but after falling in battle, he was reincarnated as a full orc, as we say. Keth grew up alone in the Stormhaven region, an outsider shunned both by the tribes and the city. His current animal companion is Tigerlily, a triceratops. His previous companion, Sanjay, was a porpoise that he released from service and awakened. Sanjay has become a fairly capable druid in his own right.


Manu, a dwarf fighter. He's started out as a human, though. He got killed a couple of times, and at one point he was reincarnated as a halfling. The most recent time he got killed, he was reincarnated as a dwarf. As Manu has grown more powerful, the simple raven tattoo on his back has grown as well, and it has survived his reincarnations. It presently resembles an elaborate, stylized black eagle. Indeed, Manu appears to be the modern-day reincarnation of the great king known only as the Black Eagle, from an age 10,000 years in the past.


Shemara, a human sorcerous rogue. Actually, it turns out she's really a copper dragon, but did she know that? No. Originally from the city of Angels, Shemara (whose real name is Shiny) and her younger brother fled the city when a terrible evil literally descended upon their mother. Her brother died during their travels, and Shemara bears a heavy burden of guilt over his loss.


Blueberry, a halfling cleric of Morana, the goddess of protection and celebrations. Blueberry literally departed for greener pastures when her goddess called on her to become her personal herald. She transformed into a being of celestial energy and moved beyond the mortal realm.

Kimani, a human cleric of Solcrest, the god of the Sun, animals, and plants. Kimani was called away by his people to join them in their own struggles against foreign invaders. Kimani currently spends most of his time near the city of Angels, though still in the near future of the Angels Campagin itself. It's all so confusing.

Linaeus, a shady human rogue the party picked up in Sweethaven. Linaeus was murdered at sea ten years ago, and his body was dumped overboard. It wound up on the shore near Sweethaven. When Keth was reincarnated, Linaeus was reincarnated as well, such was the power of the magic used in the ritual. Linaeus once worked for a green dragon named Abscess. Is she pissed off that he lost her treasure and has not been seen in a decade? Yes. Did she know he'd been reincarnated? Not until he all but told her personally. Is she going to seek revenge? She's an angry green dragon who believes her former associate stole her treasure. Of course she's going to seek revenge.

Sargask, a dwarf swashbuckler. Sargask currently leads a small navy based in the city of Sweetwater. He and his fleet keep the city-state and its allies safe in these troubled times.

Vrunk, a half-orc barbarian. When visiting Sweetwater one night, Vrunk defeated the leader of a local tribe of orcs in unarmed combat in a gladiatorial arena. She now leads the tribe of orcs. The previous chieftain serves as her advisor.


Did you know...

There are three rogues in the two main campaigns: Shemara, Linaeus, and Lyr. In the real world, the three players share the same office. It is, yes, a den of thieves.

Bren and the Angels Campaign character Dos are played by the same player. He's the only player to take part in both campaigns. Hopefully Bren and Dos will never meet.