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Schaller's D&D Campaign

The only good elf is a dead elf.

Stormhaven Locations

East Coast Overview Map

An overview of the Stormhaven campaign. View Full.

The Stormhaven campaign is based in the city of Stormhaven, which... Hang on. Actually, the party hasn't set foot in Stormhaven since August of 2003. If there is a home base of operations for this group of heroes, it's the city of Sweetwater, not Stormhaven. Stormhaven is located roughly where the real-world New York is located, and Sweetwater is about where Havana, Cuba, is situated.

The campaign takes place primarily along the east coast of North America, along with an excursion to Morana and Yuggoth (which have to wait for Google Venus and Google Pluto, respectively). It has also moved into the Elemental Planes of Earth, Water, and Fire, along with a brief and ill-conceived journey to the Far Realm. (The extraplanar locations have to wait until Google Multiverse ships.)

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Stormhaven and the Surrounding Region

Stormhaven Regional Map

Stormhaven and the surrounding region. View Full.

With a population of over 50,000, Stormhaven is the largest port city on the Atlantic coast of North American. It has a typical mixture of races for an American city-state: 66% human, 18% halfling, 10% dwarf, 5% gnome, and 1% other races. Shipping and fishing are its primary industries, and it acts as a convenient hub for city-states farther inland. Stormhaven is surrounded by dozens of farming communities, which provide the food to sustain the region.

The Darkfall Forest tribe of orcs dwells nearby.

Meridith Falls, to the northeast of Stormhaven, is famous for its wines. Portsmouth, to the southwest, is known for its great schools of psionics.

Eagle Bay

Eagle Bay Regional Map

Eagle Bay and the surrounding region. View Full.

Eagle Bay is a relatively small city of about 11,000 people. Mining is one of its chief industries, making the city particularly friendly to dwarves: A significantly larger fraction of the city's population consists of dwarves than in other parts of the Americas (50% human, 35% dwarf, 8% halfling, 6% gnome, and 1% other races).

The Broken Hills tribe lives in the forest to the southwest of Eagle Bay.

More than a century ago, Mossrock was a thriving dwarven settlement. Today, it stands in ruins after a mining disaster.

To the north of Mossrock lies an ancient ruins called the Nightfall Memorial, built many long years ago by the now-vanished elves. A great silver dragon slumbers within.

The Neramoeras

Neramoeras Map

The Neramoeras (and Andros Island). View Full.

The Neramoeras is an old swamp covering most of the southern end of the Neramoeras Peninsula. Home to the black dragon Eclipse, visitors are strongly discouraged from setting foot here.

On the shores of Lake Hess sits a curious site crafted centuries ago by a great wizard: the Portal Stage consists of an enormous platform of black marble on which stand two circular magic portals. One leads to Yuggoth, and the other leads to Morana.

The agricultural city of Cypress Springs is located where the Neramoeras Peninsula starts. A city of 10,000 people, Cypress Springs is home to large fraction of halflings (55% human, 30% halfling, 8% dwarf, 6% gnome, and 1% other races). It has about the same number of farming communities as Stormhaven, despite being only one-fifth the latter city-state's size.

To the east is Andros Island, on which can be found the Tomb of Antalius (which forms the now-blocked entrance to the ancient dwarven city of Naran K'tar) and the ruins of Fort Rose. Fort Rose was recently a goblin facility; the Stormhaven heroes made short work of it.

The Caribbean

Caribbean Map

The Caribbean Islands. View Full.

The largest islands of the Caribbean contain several city-states. By far the largest is Sweetwater, a relative metropolis of 65,000 individuals of typical mix (67% human, 18% halfling, 9% dwarf, 5% gnome, and 1% other races). Fishing and trade are its primary industries, and it is surrounded by its share of farming communities.

St. James is a smaller city-state of 20,000 people (70% human, 16% halfling, 9% dwarf, 4% gnome, and 1% other). Located on the southern side of Cuba, its main industry is fishing.

In addition to these two city-states, Cuba is home to four dragons of note: Panda, Abscess, Blister, and Undertow. Abscess makes her home in the opulent Viridian Palace, a casino and brothel located just outside of Sweetwater. Panda's domain stretches to the west of the city-state and is home to a tribe of orcs. Blister's castle straddles the central portion of the island, and Undertow's domain exists beneath a bay on the southern tip of Cuba.

Puerto Rico, far to the east of Cuba, has been conquered by goblins. They've taken over the city of St. John and wiped out the orcs who dwelled within Wolf's domain, presumably slaying the dragon Wolf himself. It is believed that Frost's castle still stands and that Frost himself sided with the invaders.

Hispaniola is described below, and Andros Island is described above.


Hispaniola Map

The island of Hispaniola. View Full.

Hispaniola has two cities, each of roughly 30,000 people: St. Mary on the west side and St. Anne on the east. Fishing and agriculture are their main industries, and they have a population composition typical for the region: 70% human, 16% halfling, 9% dwarf, 4% gnome, and 1% other.

The dragon Boar makes his home within the forests on the southern side of the island; a tribe of orcs dwells within Boar's domain. The dragon Omen dwells in the central mountains of the island. Omen's castle is known for its brutal gladiatorial arenas.