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Package org.jfree.chart.plot.dial

Classes for creating dial plots.


Interface Summary
DialFrame A dial frame is the face plate for a dial plot - it is always drawn last.
DialLayer A dial layer draws itself within a reference frame.
DialLayerChangeListener The interface via which an object is notified of changes to a DialLayer.
DialScale A dial scale is a specialised layer that has the ability to convert data values into angles.

Class Summary
AbstractDialLayer A base class that can be used to implement a DialLayer.
ArcDialFrame A standard frame for the DialPlot class.
DialBackground A regular dial layer that can be used to draw the background for a dial.
DialCap A regular dial layer that can be used to draw a cap over the center of the dial (the base of the dial pointer(s)).
DialLayerChangeEvent An event that can be forwarded to any DialLayerChangeListener to signal a change to a DialLayer.
DialPlot A dial plot composed of user-definable layers.
DialPointer A base class for the pointer in a DialPlot.
DialPointer.Pin A dial pointer that draws a thin line (like a pin).
DialPointer.Pointer A dial pointer.
DialTextAnnotation A text annotation for a DialPlot.
DialValueIndicator A value indicator for a DialPlot.
StandardDialFrame A simple circular frame for the DialPlot class.
StandardDialRange A layer that draws a range highlight on a dial plot.
StandardDialScale A scale for a DialPlot.

Package org.jfree.chart.plot.dial Description

Classes for creating dial plots.

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