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org.jfree.chart.axis Axis classes and interfaces. 

Uses of SegmentedTimeline in org.jfree.chart.axis

Methods in org.jfree.chart.axis that return SegmentedTimeline
 SegmentedTimeline SegmentedTimeline.getBaseTimeline()
          Returns our baseTimeline, or null if none.
static SegmentedTimeline SegmentedTimeline.newFifteenMinuteTimeline()
          Factory method to create a 15-min, 9:00 AM thought 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday SegmentedTimeline.
static SegmentedTimeline SegmentedTimeline.newMondayThroughFridayTimeline()
          Factory method to create a Monday through Friday SegmentedTimeline.

Methods in org.jfree.chart.axis with parameters of type SegmentedTimeline
 void SegmentedTimeline.setBaseTimeline(SegmentedTimeline baseTimeline)
          Sets the base timeline.

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