The Michael J. Drake
Electron Microprobe Laboratory
University of Arizona

Manuals and Useful Links

Handouts and Manuals

User guides (PDF format) on various aspects of using our CAMECA SX100.
Primarily Pictorial: Sample Change Extract , Sample Change Insert , Post Sample Change Startup , Calibration Setup , Calling Analysis Setups , Point Analysis ,  Taking Pictures

User guides (PDF format) on various aspects of using our CAMECA SX50.
Primarily Pictorial: Sample Change , Calibration Startup, Calibration, Analysis
Primarily Written:  Setup , Calibration/Analysis

Links - University of Arizona

The Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
Dr. Michael Drakes Experimental Petrology Laboratory
The Department of Geosciences
Materials Science and Engineering
The Department of Anthropology
The Arizona Geochronology Center
The Arizona Laserchron Center
University Spectroscopy and Imaging Facilities

Links - EPMA

There are a many excellent sites that provide an abundance of information on electron microprobe analysis. The following are just a handful of them.
If you run a web search for "electron microprobe" or "EPMA" you will find many others.

Northern Arizona University 
University of Wisconsin 
University of Oregon
New Mexico Institute of Technology
University of Oklahoma
University of Maine
Microbeam Analysis Society
Microscopy Society of America