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Software Technology Discussion Group

Who we are:

The Software Technology Discussion Group is intended to be an informal venue for the discussion of software technology of all sorts and from all perspectives.

It was started by staff and students at the Lunar & Planetary Laboratory, but anyone actively interested and involved in software technology is welcome to participate. Software developers, database designers, system analysts and other employees facing technical challenges on the job are especially encouraged to attend sessions and offer presentations to their peers.


Meetings explore a variety of topics, all of which will probably not be familiar to everyone in attendance. This is expected. On some days we will have a presenter (or presenters) who will give a talk and then answer questions. Other meetings may offer a less formal round-table discussion of the topic at hand.

The meetings will generally to focus on topics including web development, application development, and system administration focusing on the processes, principles, and methodologies. Other technology topics are welcomed as they are suggested.

Meeting Schedule:

We meet every other Wednesday at 3:30 pm in room 301 of the Kuiper Space Sciences building.

If you would like to give a presentation, or have suggestions for a discussion topic, please send an email to the STDG listserve so we can arrange for a time.