Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Science_Channel_Header::Conversion_CoefficientsSensor conversion coefficients
Data_ComponentA Data_Component provides a common, virtual interface for all HiRISE Observation data blocks
Engineering_HeaderAn Engineering_Header contains a minimal core set of observation control parameters
FELICS_Line_CacheA FELICS_Line_Cache extends a Line_Cache by adding management of FELICS compressed line data
Gap_MapA Gap_Map contains a map of data gap ranges for the file with which it is associated
Image_LineAn Image_Line contains a cache of observation channel image pixel data
Line_CacheA Line_Cache manages the data contents for an Image_Line
LUTA LUT contains the lookup table used to map 14-bit CCD sensor values to 8-bit image pixel values
MROSP_HeaderAn MROSP_Header contains information used by the HiRISE instrument to identify a stored data block to the MRO spacecraft for downlink to Earth
ObservationObservation manages the components of a MRO HiRISE instrument science observation data set
Science_Channel_HeaderA Science_Channel_Header contains the science metadata describing the observation channel data