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Data_Component.hh File Reference

#include "Instrument.hh"
#include "Data_Block.hh"
#include "PVL.hh"
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
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class  Data_Component
 A Data_Component provides a common, virtual interface for all HiRISE Observation data blocks. More...


namespace  UA

University of Arizona.

namespace  UA::HiRISE

High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment.


#define INT_8_TYPE   char
#define U_INT_8_TYPE   unsigned char
#define INT_16_TYPE   short int
#define U_INT_16_TYPE   unsigned short int
#define INT_32_TYPE   int
#define U_INT_32_TYPE   unsigned int
#define INT_64_TYPE   long int
#define U_INT_64_TYPE   unsigned long int


typedef INT_8_TYPE int_8
 8-bit integer type.
typedef U_INT_8_TYPE u_int_8
 8-bit unsigned integer type.
typedef INT_16_TYPE int_16
 16-bit integer type.
typedef U_INT_16_TYPE u_int_16
 16-bit unsigned integer type.
typedef INT_32_TYPE int_32
 32-bit integer type.
typedef U_INT_32_TYPE u_int_32
 32-bit unsigned integer type.
typedef INT_64_TYPE int_64
 64-bit integer type.
typedef U_INT_64_TYPE u_int_64
 64-bit unsigned integer type.
typedef PIRL::Data_Block::Index Index
 Data_Block element index type.
typedef u_int_16 Pixel_type
 The type of a generic pixel value.


enum  Parameter_Class_Selection {

Selects the class of parameter for PVL_parameter to find.

enum  Clock_Selector {

Used to select a clock.



std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &stream, const Data_Component &component)
 Prints a Data_Component to a stream.
std::ostream & print_value (u_int_32 value, int format=Data_Component::DECIMAL, std::ostream &stream=std::cout, int width=0)
 Prints a value in a consistent Data_Component format.
ParameterPVL_parameter (idaeim::PVL::Aggregate &aggregate, std::string pathname, bool case_sensitive=false, int skip=0, Parameter_Class_Selection parameter_class=ANY_PARAMETER)
 Gets a named PVL Parameter in an aggregate.
std::vector< std::string > PVL_values (idaeim::PVL::Aggregate &aggregate, std::string pathname, bool case_sensitive=false, int skip=0)
 Gets the values of a named PVL Parameter in an aggregate.
bool PVL_value (idaeim::PVL::Aggregate &aggregate, std::string pathname, unsigned int value, bool case_sensitive=false, int skip=0)
 Sets the value of a named PVL parameter in an aggregate.
bool PVL_value (idaeim::PVL::Aggregate &aggregate, std::string pathname, int value, bool case_sensitive, int skip)
bool PVL_value (idaeim::PVL::Aggregate &aggregate, std::string pathname, const std::string &value, bool case_sensitive=false, int skip=0)
 Sets the value of a named PVL parameter in an aggregate.
string UTC_time (double seconds, unsigned int epoch=Instrument::SPACECRAFT_EPOCH)
 Converts time in seconds to UTC representation.
string clock_count (double seconds, Clock_Selector clock=HiRISE_Clock)
 Converts time in seconds to clock count representation.
double seconds (const std::string &clock_count, Clock_Selector clock=HiRISE_Clock)
 Converts a clock count representation to time in seconds.
bool file_exists (const std::string &filename)
 Tests if a file exists.
string pathname (const std::string &filename="")
 Gets a fully qualified pathname for a filename.
string pathname (const std::string &directory, const std::string &filename, const std::string &extension)
 Assembles a pathname from directory, filename, and extension segments.
string filename (const std::string &pathname)
 Gets the filename portion of a pathname.
string bits (const unsigned int value, unsigned int count=0)
 Gets the string representation of a value in binary.
unsigned int max_strlen (const char **strings)
 Finds the length of the longest string in the list.
std::string to_upper (const std::string &characters)
 Converts all characters of a string to uppercase.
string shift (std::string lines, int amount)
 Shifts (indents) lines of text by the specified number of spaces.
string plural (int count)
 Gets a pluralization string.
string hostname ()
 Gets the name of the host system.
bool member_of (const unsigned int value, const unsigned int *array, int size)
 Tests if a value is a member of an array.
bool member_of (const char *const value, const char *const array[], int size)
 Test if a value is a member of an array.

Define Documentation

#define INT_8_TYPE   char
#define U_INT_8_TYPE   unsigned char
#define INT_16_TYPE   short int
#define U_INT_16_TYPE   unsigned short int
#define INT_32_TYPE   int
#define U_INT_32_TYPE   unsigned int
#define INT_64_TYPE   long int
#define U_INT_64_TYPE   unsigned long int