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Interface TableXYDataset

All Superinterfaces:
Dataset, SeriesDataset, XYDataset
All Known Implementing Classes:
CategoryTableXYDataset, DefaultTableXYDataset, JDBCXYDataset, TimeTableXYDataset

public interface TableXYDataset
extends XYDataset

A dataset containing one or more data series containing (x, y) data items, where all series in the dataset share the same set of x-values. This is a restricted form of the XYDataset interface (which allows independent x-values between series). This is used primarily by the StackedXYAreaRenderer.

Method Summary
 int getItemCount()
          Returns the number of items every series.
Methods inherited from interface org.jfree.data.xy.XYDataset
getDomainOrder, getItemCount, getX, getXValue, getY, getYValue
Methods inherited from interface org.jfree.data.general.SeriesDataset
getSeriesCount, getSeriesKey, indexOf
Methods inherited from interface org.jfree.data.general.Dataset
addChangeListener, getGroup, removeChangeListener, setGroup

Method Detail


int getItemCount()
Returns the number of items every series.

The item count.

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