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Packages that use PolarItemRenderer
org.jfree.chart.plot Plot classes and related interfaces. 
org.jfree.chart.renderer Core support for the plug-in renderers used by the CategoryPlot and XYPlot classes. 

Uses of PolarItemRenderer in org.jfree.chart.plot

Methods in org.jfree.chart.plot that return PolarItemRenderer
 PolarItemRenderer PolarPlot.getRenderer()
          Returns the item renderer.

Methods in org.jfree.chart.plot with parameters of type PolarItemRenderer
 void PolarPlot.setRenderer(PolarItemRenderer renderer)
          Sets the item renderer, and notifies all listeners of a change to the plot.

Constructors in org.jfree.chart.plot with parameters of type PolarItemRenderer
PolarPlot(XYDataset dataset, ValueAxis radiusAxis, PolarItemRenderer renderer)
          Creates a new plot.

Uses of PolarItemRenderer in org.jfree.chart.renderer

Classes in org.jfree.chart.renderer that implement PolarItemRenderer
 class DefaultPolarItemRenderer
          A renderer that can be used with the PolarPlot class.

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