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Package org.jfree.chart.block

Blocks and layout classes used extensively by the LegendTitle class.


Interface Summary
Arrangement An object that is responsible for arranging a collection of Blocks within a BlockContainer.
Block A block is an arbitrary item that can be drawn (in Java2D space) within a rectangular area, has a preferred size, and can be arranged by an Arrangement manager.
BlockFrame A block frame is a type of border that can be drawn around the outside of any AbstractBlock.
EntityBlockParams An interface that is used by the draw() method of some Block implementations to determine whether or not to generate entities for the items within the block.
EntityBlockResult Provides access to the EntityCollection generated when a block is drawn.

Class Summary
AbstractBlock A convenience class for creating new classes that implement the Block interface.
BlockBorder A border for a block.
BlockContainer A container for a collection of Block objects.
BlockParams A standard parameter object that can be passed to the draw() method defined by the Block class.
BlockResult Used to return results from the draw() method in the Block class.
BorderArrangement An arrangement manager that lays out blocks in a similar way to Swing's BorderLayout class.
CenterArrangement Arranges a block in the center of its container.
ColorBlock A block that is filled with a single color.
ColumnArrangement Arranges blocks in a column layout.
EmptyBlock An empty block with a fixed size.
FlowArrangement Arranges blocks in a flow layout.
GridArrangement Arranges blocks in a grid within their container.
LabelBlock A block containing a label.
LengthConstraintType Defines tokens used to indicate a length constraint type.
LineBorder A line border for any AbstractBlock.
RectangleConstraint A description of a constraint for resizing a rectangle.

Package org.jfree.chart.block Description

Blocks and layout classes used extensively by the LegendTitle class.

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