Interface StringValue

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AbstractRenderer, DefaultListRenderer, DefaultTableRenderer, DefaultTreeRenderer, FormatStringValue, MappedValue

public interface StringValue
extends Serializable

A simple converter to return a String representation of an object. This class is intended to be the "small coin" to configure/format textual cell content of concrete subclasses of ComponentProvider.

F.i. to show a Contributor cell object as "Busywoman, Herta" implement a custom StringValue and use it in a text rendering provider.

 StringValue stringValue = new StringValue() {
     public String getString(Object value) {
         if (!(value instanceof Contributor))
             return TO_STRING.getString(value);
         Contributor contributor = (Contributor) value;
         return contributor.lastName + ", " + contributor.firstName;
 ComponentProvider provider = new LabelProvider(stringValue);
   new DefaultTableRenderer(provider));

PENDING: use a full-fledged Format instead? Would impose a higher burden onto implementors but could be re-used in editors.

See Also:
ComponentProvider, LabelProvider, DefaultTableRenderer, DefaultListRenderer, DefaultTreeRenderer

Method Summary
 String getString(Object value)
          Returns a string representation of the given value.

Method Detail


String getString(Object value)
Returns a string representation of the given value.

PENDING JW: forgot - why not null return guaranteed?

value - the object to present as a string
a string representation of the given value, guaranteed to be not null