Package org.jdesktop.swingx

Contains extensions to the Swing GUI toolkit, including new and enhanced components that provide functionality commonly required by rich, data-centric client applications.


Interface Summary
JXCollapsiblePane.CollapsiblePaneContainer Tagging interface for containers in a JXCollapsiblePane hierarchy who needs to be revalidated (invalidate/validate/repaint) when the pane is expanding or collapsing.
JXTipOfTheDay.ShowOnStartupChoice Used in conjunction with the JXTipOfTheDay.showDialog(Component, ShowOnStartupChoice) to save the "Show tips on startup" choice.

Class Summary
AbstractPatternPanel Common base class of ui clients.
BeanInfoSupport Useful baseclass for BeanInfos.
EnumerationValue Used with the setEnumerationValues method to specify enumerated values for properties
ForwardingRepaintManager A RepaintManager that is designed to forward all calls to a contained delegate.
HorizontalLayout Organizes components in a horizontal layout.
HorizontalLayoutBeanInfo BeanInfo class for HorizontalLayout.
JXBusyLabel A simple circular animation, useful for denoting an action is taking place that may take an unknown length of time to complete.
JXBusyLabelBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXBusyLabel.
JXButton A Painter enabled subclass of JButton.
JXButtonBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXButton.
JXCollapsiblePane JXCollapsiblePane provides a component which can collapse or expand its content area with animation and fade in/fade out effects.
JXCollapsiblePaneBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXCollapsiblePane.
JXColorSelectionButton A button which allows the user to select a single color.
JXDatePicker A component for entering dates with a user interaction similar to a JComboBox.
JXDatePickerBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXDatePicker.
JXDialog First cut for enhanced Dialog.
JXEditorPane JXEditorPane offers enhanced functionality over the standard JEditorPane.
JXErrorPane JXErrorPane is a common error component suitable for displaying errors, warnings, and exceptional application behavior to users.
JXErrorPaneBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXErrorPane.
JXFindBar A simple low-intrusion default widget for incremental search.
JXFindBarBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXFindBar.
JXFindPanel JXFindPanel is a basic find panel suitable for use in dialogs.
JXFindPanelBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXFindPanel.
JXFrame JXFrame is an enhanced JFrame.
JXFrameBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXFrame.
JXGlassBox Component used to display transluscent user-interface content.
JXGradientChooser A specialized JXPanel that allows the user to construct and choose a Gradient.
JXGraph JXGraph provides a component which can display one or more plots on top of a graduated background (or grid.)
JXGraph.Plot A plot represents a mathematical transformation used by JXGraph.
JXGraphBeanInfo Bean info for JXGraph component.
JXHeader JXHeader is a simple component consisting of a title, a description, and an icon.
JXHeaderBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXHeader.
JXHyperlink A hyperlink component that derives from JButton to provide compatibility mostly for binding actions enabled/disabled behavior accesilibity i18n etc...
JXHyperlinkBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXHyperlink.
JXImagePanel A panel that draws an image.
JXImageView A panel which shows an image centered.
JXLabel A JLabel subclass which supports Painters, multi-line text, and text rotation.
JXLabelBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXLabel.
JXList Enhanced List component with support for general SwingX sorting/filtering, rendering, highlighting, rollover and search functionality.
JXList.ListAdapter A component adapter targeted at a JXList.
JXLoginDialog A standard login dialog that provides a reasonable amount of flexibility while also providing ease of use and a professional look.
JXLoginPane JXLoginPane is a specialized JPanel that implements a Login dialog with support for saving passwords supplied for future use in a secure manner.
JXMonthView Component that displays a month calendar which can be used to select a day or range of days.
JXMonthViewBeanInfo Fix for #951-swingx: JXMonthView looks weird in Netbeans form.
JXMultiSplitPane All properties in this class are bound: when a properties value is changed, all PropertyChangeListeners are fired.
JXMultiSplitPane.DividerPainter Draws a single Divider.
JXMultiSplitPaneBeanInfo Bean info for JXMultiSplitPane component.
JXMultiThumbSlider<E> A slider which can have multiple control points or Thumbs
JXPanel An extended JPanel that provides additional features.
JXPanelBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXPanel.
JXRadioGroup<T> JXRadioGroup is a group of radio buttons that functions as a unit.
JXRootPane Extends the JRootPane by supporting specific placements for a toolbar and a status bar.
JXSearchPanel JXSearchPanel provides complex searching features.
JXSearchPanelBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXSearchPanel.
JXStatusBar A container for JComponents that is typically placed at the bottom of a form and runs the entire width of the form.
JXStatusBar.Constraint The constraint object to be used with the JXStatusBar.
JXTable Enhanced Table component with support for general SwingX sorting/filtering, rendering, highlighting, rollover and search functionality.
JXTable.BooleanEditor The default editor for Boolean types.
JXTable.GenericEditor Default editor registered for Object.
JXTable.NumberEditor Editor for Numbers.
JXTableHeader TableHeader with extended functionality if associated Table is of type JXTable.
JXTableHeader.SortGestureRecognizer Controller for mapping left mouse clicks to sort/-unsort gestures for use in interested mouse listeners.
JXTaskPane JXTaskPane is a container for tasks and other arbitrary components.
JXTaskPaneBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXTaskPane.
JXTaskPaneContainer JXTaskPaneContainer provides an elegant view to display a list of tasks ordered by groups (JXTaskPanes).
JXTaskPaneContainerBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXTaskPaneContainer.
JXTipOfTheDay Provides the "Tip of The Day" pane and dialog.
JXTitledPanel A special type of Panel that has a Title section and a Content section.
The following properties can be set with the UIManager to change the look and feel of the JXTitledPanel: JXTitledPanel.titleForeground JXTitledPanel.titleBackground JXTitledPanel.titleFont JXTitledPanel.titlePainter JXTitledPanel.captionInsets JXTitledPanel.rightDecorationInsets JXTitledPanel.leftDecorationInsets
JXTitledPanelBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXTitledPanel.
JXTitledSeparator A simple horizontal separator that contains a title.
JXTitledSeparatorBeanInfo BeanInfo class for JXTitledSeparator.
JXTree Enhanced Tree component with support for SwingX rendering, highlighting, rollover and search functionality.
JXTreeTable JXTreeTable is a specialized table consisting of a single column in which to display hierarchical data, and any number of other columns in which to display regular data.
MultiSplitLayout The MultiSplitLayout layout manager recursively arranges its components in row and column groups called "Splits".
MultiSplitLayout.Divider Models a single vertical/horiztonal divider.
MultiSplitLayout.Leaf Models a java.awt Component child.
MultiSplitLayout.Node Base class for the nodes that model a MultiSplitLayout.
MultiSplitLayout.Split Defines a vertical or horizontal subdivision into two or more tiles.
RepaintManagerX An implementation of RepaintManager which adds support for transparency in JXPanels.
StackLayout StackLayout is a Swing layout aimed to act as the layers stack of most popuplar graphics editing tools like The GIMP or Photoshop.
SwingXUtilities A collection of utility methods for Swing(X) classes.
UIAction UIAction is the basis of all of basic's action classes that are used in an ActionMap.
VerticalLayout Organizes components in a vertical layout.
VerticalLayoutBeanInfo BeanInfo class for VerticalLayout.

Enum Summary
JXBusyLabel.Direction Direction is used to set the initial direction in which the animation starts.
JXCollapsiblePane.Direction The direction defines how the collapsible pane will collapse.
JXFrame.StartPosition An enumeration of JXFrame starting locations.
JXHeader.IconPosition Specifies desired location of the icon relative to the title/description text.
JXLabel.TextAlignment Text alignment enums.
JXLoginPane.SaveMode The JXLoginPane can attempt to save certain user information such as the username, password, or both to their respective stores.
JXLoginPane.Status Returns the status of the login process

Exception Summary
MultiSplitLayout.InvalidLayoutException The specified Node is either the wrong type or was configured incorrectly.

Annotation Types Summary
TranslucentRepaintManager An annotation that can be applied to a RepaintManager to suggest that the RepaintManager supports translucency.

Package org.jdesktop.swingx Description

Contains extensions to the Swing GUI toolkit, including new and enhanced components that provide functionality commonly required by rich, data-centric client applications. Many of these features will eventually be incorporated into the Swing toolkit, although API compatibility will not be guaranteed.

New or Enhanced Functionality

Auto-completion for TextFields and ComboBoxes

Enhanced Rendering Support for Collection Components

Built-In Search Support for Collection Components and JXEditorPane

Filtering/Sorting for Tables and Lists

NOTE: this is incompatible with core (table) sorting/filtering in JDK 6+. Will be replaced by core functionality after switching the target jdk version from 5 to 6.

Login/Authentication Framework

Painter-enabled components

Note: this feature is currently disabled (see SwingX #964)

Components that use painters for background rendering alter the functionality of how Component.setBackground(java.awt.Color) works. Setting the background color of a painter-enabled component effectively sets the background painter to paint the requested color.

Look and Feel implementors should note that setting a java.swing.plaf.UIResource to setBackground will cause a Painter UIResource to be installed. This means that implementors should set the background before setting the painter as the last one set wins.

New and Enhanced components

Buttons and Labels

Collection Components

These are sortable/filterable (with the exception of hierarchical components) with consistent and uniform SwingX rendering, highlighting, searching and rollover support.

Top-level Windows, General and Special Purpose Containers

Miscellaneous Components