Annotation Type TranslucentRepaintManager

public @interface TranslucentRepaintManager

An annotation that can be applied to a RepaintManager to suggest that the RepaintManager supports translucency. If a JXPanel is made translucent by setting it's alpha property to a value between 0 and 1, then the JXPanel must ensure that a RepaintManager capable of handling transparency is installed. This annotation tells the JXPanel that the installed RepaintManager does not need to be replaced. This is critical for custom RepaintManagers which are used in applications along with transparent JXPanels.

A RepaintManager supports translucency if, when a repaint on a child component occurs, it begins painting not on the child component, but on the child component's JXPanel ancestor if: a) there is such an ancestor and b) the ancestor returns an effective alpha of < 1.

See Also:
RepaintManagerX, JXPanel