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Electron Microprobe Laboratory
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Ken Domanik, Manager
621 - 2959

Microprobe Sign-up - CAMECA SX50

Please sign-up for only two days, per two week period. For weekend days and holidays, please contact Ken (621-2959; ) before signing up, unless you have prior approval.
Sign-up by checking the date(s) that you want, then enter your first and last name, an email address at which you may be contacted, and the password at the bottom of the page and submit your request.

To clear dates that you have already signed up for, please use the Microprobe Sign-up Changes page.

Please note that the calendar below is tenative, and will be reviewed before it is finalized.

July 16, Monday
9am - night

July 17, Tuesday
9am - night

July 18, Wednesday
9am - night

July 19, Thursday
9am - night

July 20, Friday
9am - night

July 21, Saturday
9am - night

July 22, Sunday
9am - night

July 23, Monday
9am - night

July 24, Tuesday
9am - night

July 25, Wednesday
9am - night

July 26, Thursday
9am - night

July 27, Friday
9am - night

July 28, Saturday
9am - night

July 29, Sunday
9am - night

If you have finished making your choices (remember two days maximum), please enter your first and last name and your email address , and then submit your request. When you do this, the web page will give you a confirmation for the date(s) you have selected.

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