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 PVL: Parameter Value Language

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Parser.hh File Reference
#include "PVL/Parameter.hh"
#include "PVL/Value.hh"
#include "PVL/PVL_Exceptions.hh"
#include "Strings/Sliding_String.hh"
#include "Strings/VMS_Records_Filter.hh"
#include "Strings/Line_Count_Filter.hh"
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class  Parser
 A Parser interprets the characters of a Sliding_String as a sequence of Parameter Value Language (PVL) syntax statements. More...


namespace  idaeim
namespace  idaeim::PVL

Parameter Value Language.


#define AT_POSITION   false
#define BEFORE_POSITION   true
 Generates a string describing the line position of the location.
#define PARSE_STRICT   false


std::string::size_type reserved_character (const std::string &a_string)
 Checks a string for any character reserved by the PVL syntax.
Parameter::Type special_type (const std::string &name)
 Gets the Parameter::Type code corresponding to the specified name.
std::string & translate_from_escape_sequences (std::string &a_string)
 Translates escape sequences in a string to their corresponding special characters.
std::string & translate_to_escape_sequences (std::string &a_string)
 Translates special characters in a string to their corresponding escape sequences.

Define Documentation

#define PARSE_STRICT   false
#define BEFORE_POSITION   true

Generates a string describing the line position of the location.

The string is formatted as:

"<b> at</b>|<b>before character </b><i>C</i> of line <i>L</i>\\n</b>"

where the choice of "at" or "before" is conditional on the before argument, and L is the line number and C is the character offset in that line corresponding to the location in the input stream.

If the Parser is not using a Line_Count_Filter, or the location is invalid, then an empty string is returned.

beforetrue if the description starts with "before"; otherwise the string starts with "at".
locationThe Location in the input stream for which to find a line position.
A string describing the line position, or the empty string.
#define AT_POSITION   false