Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
PIRL::Binary_InputBinary_Input is a subclass of Binary_IO that contains an istream reference
PIRL::Binary_IOThe Binary_IO class provides input and output of binary data values
PIRL::Binary_OutputBinary_Output is a subclass of Binary_IO that contains an ostream reference
PIRL::CacheA Cache is a dynamic input storage area
PIRL::CubeA Cube is a Rectangle with depth
PIRL::Data_Binder< Bindor_object >A Data_Binder binds an object to data of some amount
PIRL::Data_BlockA Data_Block manages access to a block of binary data bytes
PIRL::Point_2DA Point_2D holds 2-dimensional position information
PIRL::RectangleA Rectangle is a position with a size
PIRL::Reference_Counted_Pointer< T >A Reference_Counted_Pointer acts like a normal pointer with the addition of reference counting
PIRL::Size_2DA Size_2D holds 2-dimensional size information