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PDS_Projection_Data.hh File Reference

#include "PDS_Data.hh"
#include "JP2_Box.hh"
#include "Dimensions.hh"
#include "ogr_spatialref.h"
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class  PDS_Projection_Data
 The PDS_Projection_Data provides geographic projection capabilities between image and real world coordinates. More...
struct  PDS_Projection_Data::Projection_Definition
 A Projection_Definition maps GDAL OGRSpatialReference parameter names to their required PDS parameter names and default values. More...
struct  PDS_Projection_Data::Projection_Definition::Required_Projection_Parameter
 Parameters that are required to define the projection. More...
struct  PDS_Projection_Data::Projection_Definition::Default_Projection_Parameter
 Projection parameters with default values. More...


namespace  UA
namespace  UA::HiRISE