Package org.jdesktop.swingx.painter

Contains classes and interfaces used by painter enabled components.


Interface Summary
Painter<T> A painting delegate.

Class Summary
AbstractAreaPainter<T> The abstract base class for all painters that fill a vector path area.
AbstractAreaPainterBeanInfo BeanInfo of AbstractAreaPainter.
AbstractLayoutPainter<T> An abstract base class for any painter which can be positioned.
AbstractLayoutPainterBeanInfo BeanInfo of AbstractLayoutPainter.
AbstractPainter<T> A convenient base class from which concrete Painter implementations may extend.
AbstractPainterBeanInfo BeanInfo of AbstractPainter.
AlphaPainter<T> Applies an alpha value to an entire stack of painters.
AlphaPainterBeanInfo BeanInfo of AlphaPainter.
BusyPainter A specific painter that paints an "infinite progress" like animation.
CapsulePainter Draws a capsule.
CheckerboardPainter A Painter implementation that paints a checkerboard pattern.
CheckerboardPainterBeanInfo BeanInfo of CheckerboardPainter.
CompoundPainter<T> A Painter implementation composed of an array of Painters.
CompoundPainterBeanInfo BeanInfo of CompoundPainter.
GlossPainter A Painter implementation that simulates a gloss effect.
GlossPainterBeanInfo BeanInfo of GlossPainter.
ImagePainter A Painter instance that paints an image.
ImagePainterBeanInfo BeanInfo of ImagePainter.
MattePainter A Painter implementation that uses a Paint to fill the entire background area.
MattePainterBeanInfo BeanInfo of MattePainter.
PainterGlasspane This is a glasspane which will draw the specified painter on top of the specified target components.
PinstripePainter A fun Painter that paints pinstripes.
PinstripePainterBeanInfo BeanInfo of PinstripePainter.
RectanglePainter<T> A painter which paints square and rounded rectangles
RectanglePainterBeanInfo BeanInfo of RectanglePainter.
ShapePainter A Painter that paints java.awt.Shapes.
ShapePainterBeanInfo BeanInfo of ShapePainter.
TextPainter A painter which draws text.
TextPainterBeanInfo BeanInfo of TextPainter.

Enum Summary
AbstractAreaPainter.Style Different available fill styles.
AbstractLayoutPainter.HorizontalAlignment An enum which controls horizontalAlignment alignment
AbstractLayoutPainter.VerticalAlignment An enum which controls verticalAlignment alignment
AbstractPainter.Interpolation An enum representing the possible interpolation values of Bicubic, Bilinear, and Nearest Neighbor.
GlossPainter.GlossPosition Used to define the position of the gloss on the painted area.

Package org.jdesktop.swingx.painter Description

Contains classes and interfaces used by painter enabled components.