Interface TableColumnModelExtListener

All Superinterfaces:
EventListener, TableColumnModelListener
All Known Implementing Classes:
JXTable, JXTableHeader, JXTreeTable

public interface TableColumnModelExtListener
extends TableColumnModelListener

Extended TableColumnModelListener which is interested in property changes of contained TableColumns.

Enhanced TableColumnModelExt guarantees to notify these extended column listeners. An example of a client which adjusts itself based on headerValue property of visible columns:

 TableColumnModelExtListener l = new TableColumnModelExtListener() {
     public void columnPropertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent event) {
         if ("headerValue".equals(event.getPropertyName())) {
             TableColumn column = (TableColumn) event.getSource();
             if ((column instanceof TableColumnExt)
                     && !((TableColumnExt) column).isVisible()) {
     public void columnAdded(TableColumnModelEvent e) {
     public void columnMarginChanged(ChangeEvent e) {
     public void columnMoved(TableColumnModelEvent e) {
     public void columnRemoved(TableColumnModelEvent e) {
     public void columnSelectionChanged(ListSelectionEvent e) {

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Method Summary
 void columnPropertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent event)
          Notifies listeners about property changes of contained columns.
Methods inherited from interface javax.swing.event.TableColumnModelListener
columnAdded, columnMarginChanged, columnMoved, columnRemoved, columnSelectionChanged

Method Detail


void columnPropertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent event)
Notifies listeners about property changes of contained columns. The event is the original as fired from the TableColumn.

event - a PropertyChangeEvent fired by a TableColumn contained in a TableColumnModel