Class AbstractSerializableBean

  extended by org.jdesktop.beans.AbstractBean
      extended by org.jdesktop.beans.AbstractSerializableBean
All Implemented Interfaces:

public abstract class AbstractSerializableBean
extends AbstractBean
implements Serializable

This subclass enhances AbstractBean by implementing the Serializable interface. AbstractSerializableBean correctly serializes all Serializable listeners that it contains. Implementors that need to extends AbstractBean or one of its subclasses and require serialization should use this class if possible. If it is not possible to extend this class, the implementation can guide implementors on how to properly serialize the listeners.

See Also:
Serializable, ObjectInputStream, ObjectOutputStream, Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
protected AbstractSerializableBean()
          Creates a new instance of AbstractSerializableBean.
protected AbstractSerializableBean(PropertyChangeSupport pcs, VetoableChangeSupport vcs)
          Creates a new instance of AbstractSerializableBean, using the supplied support delegates.
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


protected AbstractSerializableBean()
Creates a new instance of AbstractSerializableBean.


protected AbstractSerializableBean(PropertyChangeSupport pcs,
                                   VetoableChangeSupport vcs)
Creates a new instance of AbstractSerializableBean, using the supplied support delegates. Neither of these may be null.

pcs - the property change support class to use
vcs - the vetoable change support class to use
NullPointerException - if any parameter is null