Class LoginForm

  extended by org.apache.struts.action.ActionForm
      extended by HiRISE.HiWish.User
          extended by HiRISE.HiWish.LoginForm
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class LoginForm
extends User

Captures input from the login HTML form.

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Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
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Field Summary
protected  boolean remember
          if true, id cookie will be set
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additionalNames, affiliation, confirmationToken, confirmationType, country, educator, emailAddress, familyName, givenName, gradeLevel, gradeLevelOther, GRADES, HIGHEST_GRADES, highestGradeCompleted, LOGIN_COOKIE_KEY, MAXLEN_ADDITIONAL_NAMES, MAXLEN_AFFILIATION, MAXLEN_COUNTRY, MAXLEN_EMAIL_ADDRESS, MAXLEN_FAMILY_NAME, MAXLEN_GIVEN_NAME, MAXLEN_GRADE_LEVEL_OTHER, MAXLEN_NAME_SUFFIX, MAXLEN_NOTE, MAXLEN_OCCUPATION, MAXLEN_POSTAL_CODE, MAXLEN_USERNAME, MINLEN_PASSWORD, MINLEN_USERNAME, nameSuffix, note, notifyOnGeometry, notifyOnRelease, notifyOnUpdate, occupation, password, postalCode, privileged, publicKey, REGEX_USERNAME, student, username, verifyEmail, verifyPassword
Fields inherited from class org.apache.struts.action.ActionForm
multipartRequestHandler, servlet
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean getRemember()
          If true, the user has requested that login information be saved to a cookie.
 void setRemember(boolean remember)
          Corresponds to the value coming in from the "Remember Me" checkbox.
 org.apache.struts.action.ActionErrors validate(org.apache.struts.action.ActionMapping map, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest req)
          Make sure both the username and the password are provided.
Methods inherited from class HiRISE.HiWish.User
addSTL, getAdditionalNames, getAffiliation, getConfirmationToken, getConfirmationType, getCountry, getEmailAddress, getFamilyName, getGivenName, getGradeLevel, getGradeLevelOther, getGrades, getGroups, getHighestGradeCompleted, getHighestGrades, getID, getNameSuffix, getNote, getNotifyOnGeometry, getNotifyOnRelease, getNotifyOnUpdate, getOccupation, getPassword, getPostalCode, getPublicKey, getUsername, getVerifyEmail, getVerifyPassword, hasRole, hasRoles, isEducator, isEmail, isPrivileged, isStudent, leadsTheme, reset, setAdditionalNames, setAffiliation, setConfirmationToken, setConfirmationType, setConfirmationType, setCountry, setEducator, setEmailAddress, setFamilyName, setGivenName, setGradeLevel, setGradeLevelOther, setGroups, setHighestGradeCompleted, setNameSuffix, setNote, setNotifyOnGeometry, setNotifyOnRelease, setNotifyOnUpdate, setOccupation, setPassword, setPostalCode, setPublicKey, setStudent, setUsername, setVerifyEmail, setVerifyPassword, toString
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getMultipartRequestHandler, getServlet, getServletWrapper, reset, setMultipartRequestHandler, setServlet, validate
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Field Detail


protected boolean remember
if true, id cookie will be set

Constructor Detail


public LoginForm()
Method Detail


public boolean getRemember()
If true, the user has requested that login information be saved to a cookie.

Remember option


public void setRemember(boolean remember)
Corresponds to the value coming in from the "Remember Me" checkbox.

remember - True if cookie is to be set.


public org.apache.struts.action.ActionErrors validate(org.apache.struts.action.ActionMapping map,
                                                      javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest req)
Make sure both the username and the password are provided.

validate in class User
map - The Struts mapping
req - The incoming request
Any validation errors


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