Class Connection_Tester

  extended by HiRISE.HiPlan.HiCat.Connection_Tester

public class Connection_Tester
extends Object

A mechanism for testing a HiCat connection. This class is purely headless; it does not generate a GUI interface, to allow for the possibility of using it without a graphic interface.

Christian Schaller - UA/PIRL

Nested Class Summary
static class Connection_Tester.Connection_Exception
          An exception for reporting problems with connection testing.
Field Summary
static String ID
          Class identification name with source code version and date.
Constructor Summary
Connection_Tester(Database database)
Method Summary
 void test_connection()
          Performs a simple test of the user's database connection.
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Field Detail


public static final String ID
Class identification name with source code version and date.

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Constructor Detail


public Connection_Tester(Database database)
Method Detail


public void test_connection()
                     throws Connection_Tester.Connection_Exception
Performs a simple test of the user's database connection. If the connection is already open, or if there is no problem connecting, this method has no effect.

If there is a problem with the connection, this method throws a Connection_Tester.Connection_Exception. The exception's message contains an attempt to diagnose the cause of the connection failure.

Any connection made during this test is closed before the test is ended; this behavior does not apply to an already open connection, however, which will be untouched.

Connection_Tester.Connection_Exception - if there is a problem connecting to the database; the original cause of this exception is chained along if applicable.


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