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Even though it has now been nearly 20 years since the last Galileo images of Jupiter's moon Io have been taken, many of the images taken of this colorful moon have not gotten wide circulation. This site consists of numerous color composites and mosaics of Io, some are reprocessed versions of the images that were press released, others are only available as raw images on the Galileo PDS site. These images are being made available for the benefit of the community.

This is an ongoing side-project of mine and images are being added and reprocessed all the time. The vast majority of the data used here has been calibrated and processed in ISIS, a spacecraft image processing software package by the Astrogeology Group at USGS-Flagstaff. The resulting processed images are then ported over to Photoshop where they are merged and converted to a format suitable for online viewing (normally PNG). In 2008, I extended this project to New Horizons and Voyager images, though I have had much less success with Voyager images in ISIS than I would have liked.

Another feature on this site are the maps I will be adding for each orbit (and later Voyager and New Horizons). these maps will help show visitors to this website how Io's appearance changed as a result of surface changes (as well as illumination angle changes). Currently, only a few maps are available but more are being added each week.
Orbit Date Orbit Date
G1 June 27, 1996 E19 February 1, 1999
G2 September 6, 1996 C20 May 5, 1999
C3 November 6, 1996 C21 July 1, 1999
E4 December 18, 1996 C22 August 14, 1999
E6 February 20, 1997 C23 September 16, 1999
G7 April 4, 1997 I24 October 11, 1999
G8 May 6, 1997 I25 November 26, 1999
C9 June 27, 1997 E26 January 3, 2000
C10 September 19, 1997 I27 February 22, 2000
E11 November 7, 1997 G28 May 20, 2000
E12 December 16, 1997 G29 December 29, 2000
E13 February 10, 1998 C30 May 25, 2001
E14 March 28, 1998 I31 August 6, 2001
E15 May 31, 1998 I32 October 16, 2001
E16 July 21, 1998 I33 January 17, 2002
E17 September 26, 1998 A34 November 5, 2002
E18 November 22, 1998 J35 September 22, 2003

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