Titan RADAR SAR Swaths

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Posted below are 52 RADAR swaths currently available on the NASA Planetary Image Atlas website. These swaths are available in a scientifically useful format, but one which is not accessable to most of the public. The following files are jpegs converted from the original files on the PDS website. Each swath is available in three size formats: 32 pixels per degree (1.4 km/pixel), 128 pixels per degree (0.351 km/pixel), and 256 pixels per degree (0.1755 km/pixel). Due to the limitation of Photoshop, which is used to convert tif versions of these swaths to JPEG, some of the full-sized swaths are split into two files.

These swaths are posted here for the convenience of the general public, and are not in a scientifically useful format. Planetary scientists, please use the versions posted on the PDS for analysis. These swaths were planned and processed (except for the conversion to JPEG format) by the Cassini RADAR team, and acknowledgement of this great data set goes to them.

Here is a map combining the RADAR swaths released so far and the latest ISS near-infrared albedo map:

ISS-RADAR Map through T77

North Polar Map with grid lines (128 pixels/deg.) [through T83]
South Polar Map with grid lines (128 pixels/deg.) [through T65]
Large Simple Cylindrical Map (SAR swaths only, no grid lines) (32 pixels/deg.) [through T71]
Large Simple Cylindrical Map (SAR with ISS basemap background, no grid lines) (32 pixels/deg.) [through T71]

Ta (October 26, 2004) - Northern mid-latitudes (Ganesa Macula, cryovolcanism)

Ta swath

T3 (February 15, 2005) - Northern mid-latitudes (Northern Xanadu, Menrva, Omacatl Macula, Northeastern Fensal, Sinlap)

T3 swath

T7 (September 7, 2005) - Southern Mid-latitudes (Central Tsegihi, Mezzoramia)

T7 swath

T8 (October 28, 2005) - Equatorial Pass (Trailing hemisphere, Central Adiri, Central Belet, Huygens Landing Site, Antillia Faculae)

T8 swath

T13 (April 30, 2006) - Equatorial Pass (Leading hemisphere, Central Xanadu, Eastern Shangri-la, Guabonito, Shikoku Facula)

T13 swath

T13 (April 30, 2006) - Targeted Distant Look (Huygens Landing site)

T13 swath

T15 (July 2, 2006) - Targeted Distant Look (Tsegihi, Shiwanni Virgae)

T115 swath

T16 (July 22, 2006) - North Polar Pass (Northern Lakes Region, Northern Aaru)

T16 swath

T17 (September 7, 2006) - Short, ride-along pass (Western and central Fensal, Ksa crater)

T17 swath

T18 (September 22, 2006) - Short, ride-along pass (High Northern latitudes, Northern lakes region)

T18 swath

T19 (October 9, 2006) - North Polar Pass (Northern Lakes Region, Aaru)

T19 swath

T20 (October 25, 2006) - Targeted Distant Look (NW Xanadu, Tortola Facula)

T20 swath

T21 (December 12, 2006) - Short, ride-along pass (Belet)

T21 swath

T23 (January 13, 2007) - Northern mid-latitudes to equator (Ganesa Macula, Aaru, western Senkyo, Tsegihi)

T23 swath

T25 (February 22, 2007) - Northern Polar Region (Northern Lakes district, Northern Seas, Shiwanni Virgae, Fensal, Aztlan, Western Quivira)

T25 swath

T25 (February 22, 2007) - Targeted Distant Look (Northern Lake District)

T25 swath

T28 (April 10, 2007) - North Polar Region (Northern Lakes district, Northern Kraken Mare, Ligeia Mare, Fensal, Aztlan, Western Quivira)

T28 swath

T29 (April 26, 2007) - North Polar Region (Fensal, Northern Lakes District, Bolsena Lacus, North Pole Sea, Ligeia Mare)

T29 swath

T30 (May 12, 2007) - Central Kraken Mare and Points East

T30 swath

T36 (October 2, 2007) - Mid-Southern Latitudes

T36 swath

T39 (December 20, 2007) - South Polar Region, Western Mezzoramia

T39 swath

T41 (February 22, 2008) - Hotei Arcus, mid-latitude terrain south of Xanadu

T41 swath

T41 (February 22, 2008) - Antilia Faculae, Huygens landing site, mountain chains north of Adiri

T41 swath

T41 (February 22, 2008) - Targeted Distant Look (western Fensal, eastern Xanadu)

T41 swath

T43 (May 12, 2008) - Equatorial Anti-Saturnian hemisphere (Dilmun, Northern Shangri-la, Tortola Facula, Central Xanadu)

T43 swath

T43 (May 12, 2008) - Targeted Distant look (Western Tui Regio)

T44 (May 28, 2008) - Equatorial Anti-Saturnian hemisphere (Southern/Southwestern Xanadu, Eir Macula, Eastern Tui Regio, North-central Shangri-la, Southern Dilmun)

T44 swath

T48 (December 5, 2008) - South-western Xanadu and Tui Regio

T48 swath1

T48 (December 5, 2008) - Equatorial Anti-Saturnian hemisphere (Southern half of Guabonito, northern Shikoku Facula, and parts of Shangri-la and Dilmun)

T48 swath2

T48 (December 5, 2008) - Hi-SAR over mid-southern latitudes in the anti-Saturnian hemisphere

T48 swath3

T49 (December 21, 2008) - High-Southern Latitudes in the Leading Hemisphere (Arrakis Planitia)

T49 swath1

T49 (December 21, 2008) - North-South Swath across the equatorial Trailing hemisphere (Western Belet; north to the left in the supplied images)

T49 swath2

T49 (December 21, 2008) - Hi-SAR over trailing hemisphere (parallel to T21 swath)

T49 swath3

T50 (February 7, 2009) - Trailing hemisphere (Near-IR bright streaks, Belet/Senkyo boundary

T50 swath

T55 (May 21, 2009) - North-South Swath across the equatorial anti-Saturn hemisphere (Eastern Shangri-la; mid-southern latitudes; Hobal Virga)

T55 swath

T55 (May 21, 2009) - Hi-SAR over small lake near Ontario Lacus

T55 swath2

T56 (June 6, 2009) - North-South Swath across the anti-Saturn hemisphere (Eastern Shangri-la; Pair of unnamed craters, Santorini, Kerguelen Facula)

T56 swath

T56 (June 6, 2009) - Hi-SAR over northern Xanadu

T55 swath2

T57 (June 22, 2009) - North-South Swath across the southern anti-Saturn hemisphere (Northern Ontario Lacus, Perkunas Virgae)

T57 swath

T58 (July 8, 2009) - North-South Swath across the southern anti-Saturn hemisphere (Ontario Lacus, Shangri-la/Xanadu Boundary, South Polar dry lakes)

T58 swath

T59 (July 24, 2009) - Southern High Latitudes on Titan's Anti-Saturn hemisphere

T59 swath

T61 (August 25, 2009) - East-West swath across central Belet, Adiri, and southern Dilmun

T61 swath

T64 (December 28, 2009) - Northern High-Latitudes (Punga Mare and Ligeia Mare)

T64 swath

T65 (January 12, 2010) - High southern latitudes (Ontario Lacus, Mezzoramia)

T65 swath

T65 (January 12, 2010) - HiSAR over a portion of Ontario Lacus

T65 swath2

T71 (July 7, 2010) - Southern mid-latitudes (trailing hemisphere, Northern Mezzoramia

T71 swath

T77 (June 20, 2011) - Northwestern Fensal (Ksa and Momoy craters)

T77 swath

T77 (June 20, 2011) - Northwestern Fensal (Ksa and Menrva craters)

T77 swath2

T83 (May 22, 2012) - North Polar lake district

T77 swath

T84 (June 7, 2012) - Northern Mid-latitudes on the trailing hemisphere

T84 swath

T84 (June 7, 2012) - HiSAR over Western Kraken Mare

T84 HiSAR swath

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