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Some of the following webpages may contain material or links to material which some may find objectionable or may be inappropriate for those under 18 years of age. I have no control over the content of these sites, but I must have found something interesting on the page in order to include it here. And of course, website owners are free to change the content from what it was at the time I included it here. E-mail me at jscotti@pirl.lpl.arizona.edu if you have any comments or questions.

General Photography and some personal galleries

Jim's Photoblog - "Pictures of my Universe"
Jim's stereo page
Jim Scotti's "Analog" Photography page
Jim Scotti's Panorama Photography page
John's General Photogrpahy Links
Dyer Lytle's Photography Page Dyer has a great eye for closeup photography.
My late friend David A. Harvey's Photography Page

3D (Stereo) Photography

Jim's stereo page
Duel Moments 3D page

near-IR Photography

Jim's Infrared Photography page
Infrared (IR) basics for digital photographers
Fine Art Infrared Photography
How to Shoot IR
Shooting Digital Infrared
PhotoDude's Web Log: Digital Infrared
photodesk: Infrared With a Digital Camera
Experiments with digital infrared photography
Dyer Lytle's Photography Page

Photography Magazines

BufaloPhoto.com Photography Magazines
Black & White World
Photo-Electric Imaging Magazine
Outdoor Photographer Magazine
Shutterbug Magazine
Digital Photography New
ePHOTOzine Online digital imaging and photography magazine
Popular Photography Magazine
Netscape's Photography page

B&W Photography

Black & White World

Photography equipment resources

The Proper Care and Maintenance for DSLR and Smartphone Cameras
Eastman Kodak
Camera Filters and Filter Accessories
Digital Camera HQ
Steve's Digicam reviews

Photography how-to/Darkroom

Black & White World
Photography Articles and Tutorials
Photographers' Resources
The APUG Portal
Planet Photoshop
Janee's Photoshop Tutorials
Photo Tips

Digital Photography

Digital Camera HQ

35mm Photography

Medium Format Photography

Large Format Photography

F32 Online Photography Magazine
Large Format Photography
Joe Bender's FAQ
A large format photography home page
Large Format Groups and Clubs

Artsy Photography and Web Galleries

Hamish Reid
Center for Photographic Art
Evolving Beauty - the fine art photography of Eric Boutilier-Brown

Outdoor/Nature Photography

Nature Photography Gallery

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