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One of my friends likes to call his GPS his "Geek Positioning System" and I've been wanting a GPS for a number of years now, luckily "waiting" for the newest models and SA to be turned off.

I had my first experience with Garmin customer service and I have to say that I am impressed! I used their website to e-mail for support after the rubber bumper on my Legend had ripped and they sent me an RMA number and their address suggesting a 2 week turn around. So I sent my unit in (waving a sad goodbye, but luckily a friend let me borrow his spare Magellan 315 for the duration, so no GPS withdrawal symptoms...) and waited for almost exactly 2 weeks (which included the time it shipped to Garmin by priority USPS service). My Legend returned home and not only was the rubber repaired and shipped back to me FedEx overnight, but they updated my firmware to the latest version. I'm one happy Garmin customer!

I've used my eTrex Legend for several interesting adventures including 74 Geocaches (and hidden aobut 20 of them!) and a number of Geodash site visits. See links below to both geocaching and geodash sites, including our geodash adventure stories.

A brief update: I haven't done much with this webpage in some time. My old eTrex Legend got pretty well worn out and I upgraded to a Garmin 60CSx which served me well for geocaching and other exploring. I also used it for tracking my bike riding and general hiking as well as some geocaching. I've found over 200 geocaches and hidden more than 30 (with more than 20 still active), though I haven't done as much caching as I used to. I also have more GPS enabled devices, including an eTrex Forerunner that I use while biking to record tracks and heartrates to see how well I am working out the old ticker. I also moved into the world of Smartphones, buying a Motorola Droid when they first came out and recently upgrading to a Samsung Google Nexus. They do great for navigation in cars as well as tracking bike routes and hikes and include interactive maps in a way that the old Garmin GPS devices could only dream of.

GPS Links:

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Navigation, Misc.

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