C/2011 A2 (Scotti)

C/2011 A2 (Scotti) 2011 January 11

This comet was discovered by Spacewatch observer Jim Scotti on the night of 2011 January 11 UT. This image is the sum of 3 images totaling 409 seconds of exposure with the 1.8-m Spacewatch telescope on 2010 January 11 UT, soon after its discovery using the 36 inch Spacewatch Telescope. The coma is about 10 arcseconds across and the tail measures about 0.75 arcminutes in position angle 294 degrees. North is to the right and east at top.

C/2011 A2 (Scotti) 2011 January 13

This image was taken on 2011 January 13 UT. It is the sum of 9 images totalling 1228 seconds with the Spacewatch 1.8-m telescope on Kitt Peak. The coma was measured to be 15 arcseconds across and the tail extending 0.55 arcminutes in p.a. 295 degrees North is at right, east is at the top.

Last update: January 14, 2011