P/2000 Y3 (Scotti)

This comet was discovered by Spacewatch observer Jim Scotti (me!) on the night of 2000 December 30 UT. This image is one of the 3 discovery images, taken on 2000 December 30 at 03:55 UT. The total integration time is about 159 seconds. The comet is total magnitude 18.5 and has a nuclear magnitude of about 19.7. The faint tail was seen to extend 0.93 arcminutes in p.a. 269 degrees and is seen to extend towards the top (west). The coma is about 7 arcseconds across. This image is about 4 arcminutes square with North at right and West to the top. (Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.)

Last update: January 8, 2001