Solar Eclipse from Luna

I thought about what a lunar ecplise would look like from the moon and I had done a set of sketches showing several views of comets and the Earth from a common site on the moon with Earth low in the sky, probably at a lunar latitude of about 45 degrees.

The comet could be a sungrazer, but it is not at the proper latitude to be such (relative to the sun). It is likely just a comet at small elongation from the sun, only being about 2 degrees solar elongation, judging by the size of Earth. Of course, if it is in some other star system, the moon might be orbiting a much larger planet and the comet could be 10 degrees from the star. My intention, however, is that this is a Lunar eclipse as viewed from Earth's moon.

The painting was completed on April 30, 1995. It is a 16 by 20 inch acrylic on canvas board.

Last update: May 2, 1998