Rueda en la Montaña

Casino rueda in Flagstaff, Arizona



Welcome to our rueda! We dance each Friday at 7:30 pm at Jazzercise Flagstaff, 1798 E Rte. 66 in Flagstaff.

Lesson from 7:30 to 8:30; Latin Dancing Social (salsa, merengue, bachata and more) from 8:30 to 10:00

Newcomers are always welcome!!




Dancing on the Square Heritage Square, Wednesday summer evenings 7:00 - 10:00


Flagstaff Dance Events

NAU Latin Dance Club Facebook Page

Grand Canyon Salsa Festival

Flagstaff Latin Dance Collective

Scottsdale salsa/rueda party




(beginner's moves are underlined; video clips are from; videos require VLC Media Player or QuickTime)



arriba- up! change direction, go the opposite way

para el medio - towards center of rueda

para abajo - to the rear (usually: closed hold, guys salsa step while girls cumbia step)

dile que si - pass the girl from your left to your right with an underarm turn (usually called as "enchufe")

dile que no - pass the girl from your right to your left


passing partners:

dame una - give me one video

adios - closed hold, guys go around and duck under your left arms, pass to next girl video

enchufe - dile que si, pass to next girl video

enchufe doble - dile que si, stop her, dile que si, pass to next girl video

vacilala y dame una - tap, girls spin clockwise, guys pass to next girl

dedo, guarapo y bota - girls inside turn and change places, guys spin left and neck wrap, couple rotates clockwise, pass to next partner


partner moves:

una bulla - a noise (hey!)

cucaracha - stomp on the cockroach! (aka pisen) video

mosquito - clap on the back step

guapo - dile que si, dile que no (aka enchufe sensillo) video

rovertigo - dile que si, girls do two clockwise pivot turns, dile que no

exibala - closed hold, girls do two clockwise pivot turns while guys side step

adios con la hermana - closed hold, guys go into the rueda, girls go into the rueda, guys step forward, dile que no video

vacila (la) - tap, girls spin clockwise, dile que no video

vacilence los dos - tap, girls spin clockwise as guys spin counterclockwise, dile que no video

evelyn - closed hold, guys ronde and switch hands behind your back, dile que no

sombrero - right hands over left, girls do two clockwise turns, end up in sweetheart position, release hands, dile que no

balsero - two sombreros

los dos - switch hands right to right, enchufe, bring girls behind and grasp left hands, cumbia step twice, guys raise right hand over your head, sombrero to finish.

siete - girls turn clockwise, cuddle, turn back out

setenta - enchufe (break girl's arm), walk around her, girls outside turn, guys neck wrap, dile que no

el dedo - right to right, girls inside turn and change places, guys enchufe and ronde, guapo

montana - el dedo with two hands, sweetheart finish

al fin - enchufe, guys drop left knees and extend left hands, girls sit and raise right hands (to end dance)

abrace - guys raise right hand, cuddle partner against left shoulder (to end dance)


group moves:

fiesta de enchufe - enchufe, clap once, enchufe, clap twice, enchufe, clap thrice

enchufe con dos al medio - enchufe, guys step into the rueda and clap twice.

da recha - guys go into the rueda and come back to next partner to the right, then girls go into the rueda and come back to next partner to the right. repeat.

la flor - guys step into rueda, clasp hands and release as we step back, girls step into rueda, clasp hands and release as they step back. On "se quedo", guys clasp hands and raise them over the girls, girls clasp hands and raise them over the guys, rueda rotates clockwise as we dance to the left. On "arriba", guys turn to their right, closed hold, march forwards until "dile que no".

enchufe y casate - enchufe, guys step into rueda and march to the left with the girls on their arms. On "se giro", couples turn around and rueda rotates counterclockwise. On "se quedo", guys march in place while girls come forward to the closed hold position and rueda continues to rotate. On "arriba", guys turn to the left and ladies turn to the right to face a new partner and the rueda rotates in the opposite direction. On "taro" the leads step out to the left and pass to new partners. Return to guapea on "dile que no".

con las manos y trancas - On "con las manos", pass the girls right to left holding each of their hands. On "tranca", guys lift their left hands and turn the girls counterclockwise into the rueda and back out. On "hombres", guys alternate with girls going into the rueda. On "se quedo", guys stay turned into rueda, bring the girls in, rueda rotates counterclockwise until "arriba" and "dile que no".




Favorite song of the moment: Tito Nieves - Si Yo Fuera El mp3



Mysterious crop circle near Flagstaff, Arizona! UFOs? Mowing-Devils? Mad Englishmen? Click on the photo to learn the truth.

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