PIRL CVS utilities

Download the PIRL_CVS_utilities-1_0.tgz tarball.

These Perl programs were written as helper programs for use with the Concurrent Versions System (CVS). They were written alongside CVS version 1.11, but should be applicable to most versions of CVS.

These programs are released under the GNU General Public License.

There are two programs that are meant to be invoked from within the loginfo and notify CVS Administrative files, and another that can read your modules file, and print them out formatted as HTML.

This program can be run from the $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/loginfo file to send e-mail. I found that the log.pl program that comes with the CVS distribution in the contrib directory was severely lacking in functionality, so I wrote this program to be more full-featured and robust for sending e-mail for log messages.

This program can be run from the $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/notify file as the notification system rather than just using Mail. I found that just using Mail was kind of like a blunt instrument, I like using the Net::SMTP Perl module to send e-mail. I also added a little functionality to create a slightly more descriptive Subject: line by adding the filenames that have been operated on to it.

This program knows how to read a CVS modules file and writes that information out as the rows of an HTML table. This program is intended to be called from a Server Side Include "exec" directive. The distribution contains an example of an sHTML file that uses this program, and you can see an example of the results here.

I hope that you find these programs helpful, all comments and code improvements are welcome.

Copyright © 2000,2002 Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of the
Planetary Image Research Laboratory, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
at the University of Arizona