Tasks carried out by Launch_HiccdStitchC:

- Read a list of observation IDs with the sart and end line of the cubenorm training area. For each observation perform the following:

- Copy the .hiccdstitch.pvl file to the cubenorm staging area /HiRISE/Data/HiccdStitchC with the "Cubenorm_Option" set to TRUE.

- If the *.histitch.cub files in the HiStitch directory area do not exist then copy the *.balance.cub files to make *.histitch.cub files.

- Submit the *.hiccdstitch.pvl file to the HiccdStitchC pipeline


Launch_HiccdStitchC -file observaton_id_list_file -obs Observation_ID:sl:el -catalog HiRISE -color {RED,BG,IR} -red9_only -set_keep -pipeline -unsafe -configuration HiccdStitchC.conf -help

-file observation_id_list_file

The full pathname of the file that contains a list of HiRISE Observation_IDs, one observation per line. Up to three fields are permitted, each field is deliminted by a space character. The first field is the Observation_ID the second is the start line number, and the thrid is the end line number. The start and end line number specifies the control area to be used by the ISIS cubenorm program.

-obs Observation_id:start_line:end_line

A user can optionally specify a single observation with the -obs flag. The start line and end line parameters are separted by the use of : characters. You can use -file or -obs command line parameters but not both.

-catalog HiRISE

The name of the catalog for submitting entries to the HiccdStitchC sources table


Specify the xxxxxx.hiccdstitch.pvl files to act on.

RED = Red files

BR = Blue/Green files

IR = Near-Infrared files


Set the Cubenorm_Option flag for the RED9 histitch file only, this parameter can be used only when -color RED. This flag used on observations that have noisy RED9 images only.


Set the FILE_STATUS keword value to TRUE. This has the impact that the "xxxxx.hiccdstitch.pvl" file be permantently retained by the pipelines.


Submit the updated xxxxxx.hiccdstitch.pvl to the HiccdStitchC sources pipeline table to automatically run the HiccdStitchC pipeline.


Allow a source to be submitted to the pipeline even if an unprocessed source of the same name already exists.

-configuration HiccdstitchC.conf

Full pathname of the Hiccdstitch configuration file. If not specified then the default is $HiRISE_ROOT/Configuration/HiccdStitchC/HiccdStitchC.conf


Get help for the command line.


Launch_HiccdStitchC provides a framework for specifying to the HiRISE HiccdStitch pipeline those observations that require additional "cubenorm" processing on slow-signal images or images that have high levels of vertical noise as a result of instrument instability.

Launch_HiccdStitchC accepts a list of Observation_IDs (-file parameter). The Cubenorm_Option keyword located in the "xxxxxx.hiccdstitch.pvl" files are set to "TRUE". This will be a flag to the HiccdStitch pipeline to run the ISIS cubenorm program.

The first field in the list is the Observation_ID the second is the start line number, and the thrid is the end line number. The start and end line number specifies the control area to be used by the ISIS cubenorm program. The control is considered a flat are of the Mars surface.

The "-color" command parameter accepts the values RED, BG, IR. This parameter tells the script which color CCDs to act on.

The "-red9_only" flag sets the Cubenorm_Option to TRUE for only the RED9 CCD. This parameter is used for those observations that have unstable RED9 imaging.

The "-set_keep" flag specifies the File_Status keyword is to be set to "KEEP". This indicates to the HiRISE processing pipelines that only the xxxxxx.hiccdstitch.pvl file is to be permanently kept for any future reprocessing event. If not specified, the File_Status keyword value is otherwise left unchanged from its current value.

The original xxxxxx.hiccdstitch.pvl file is copied to xxxxxx.hiccdstitch.pvl.old before making changes.

The "-pipeline" flag specifies the script is to add the xxxxxx.hiccdstitch.pvl file to the HiccdStitch sources table using the Pipeline_Source command. This step will automatically reprocess the observation through the HiccdStitch pipeline. If not specified then the sources table is not updated.

The command parameter "-configuration HiccdStitchC.conf" specifies the full pathname of the HiccdStitch configuration file. This parameter is used only for "-pipeline TRUE". The default specification is /HiRISE/Configuration/HiccdStitchC.

The script makes use of the HiRISE_ROOT environment variable to determine which directory structure to act on.



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