An observation_id is provided to Launch_HiGeom to check if all the necessary files exist for geometry processing and then starts the pipeline processing for RDR product generation.


Launch_HiGeom -Observation_id <observation_id> -Color -Catalog <catalog> -Configuration <conf_file> -Overwrite -Force_RDR -Unsafe -Nopipe -Verbose -help

-Observation_id <observation_id>

The Observation_ID for the HiRISE image products to go through RDR pipeline processing.


Submit color products to the HiGeomInit pipeline. If this switch is not provided then red-filter products are submitted to the HiGeomInit pipeline.


In conjunction with the -Color option, this option controls the submission of the unfiltered color cube to HiGeomInit. When this option is set, the unfiltered color cubes will be submitted to geometry which will ultimately result in the production of an updated color RDR product.


Similar to the -Standard_Color option, this option controls the submission of the filtered color cube to geometry, which will ultimately result in new merged color products being produced by the HiMosMerge Pipeline.

-Catalog <catalog>

Specify the catalog. If none specified in the command line then HiRISE is used.

=item -Configuration E<lt>B<conf_file>E<gt>

Specify the name of the configuration file such as HiGeomInit.conf. If none specified then the default is $HiRISE_ROOT/Configuration/HiGeomInit/HiGeomInit.conf


Specify the processing mode for the observation. This option should only be used in the context of starting reprocessing at the geometry step. For standard processing, or reprocessing that was started prior to geometry, the processing mode should already by set, and should not be reset.

The list of valid modes can be found in the command line help for the Processing_Mode utility.


This switch tells Launch_HiGeom to make RDR products with the available HiStitch Products that currently exist. This switch can not be used when a *.histitch.cub product has been created by with the "KEEP" statement in the comment field.


Allow a source to be submitted to the pipeline even if an unprocessed source of the same name already exists.


This switch tells Launch_HiGeom to not place the processing file (*.higeom.pvl) on the HiGeomInit_Sources Table. All other other functions of Launch_Geom are carried out. This switch is use to have Launch_HiGeom check if all files needed for RDR processing exist.


This switch tells Launch_HiGeom to provided extended printout


Get help on the command line.


Launch_HiGeom is used to start RDR pipeline processing for an Observation. The procedure follows the steps identified below.

- The script first checks to see if a *.higeom.pvl file exists with the File_Status = "KEEP". If this is the case then the contents of this file is used to define which HiStitch products are to be used in the processing.

- Otherwise, the Planned_Observations and Planned_CCD_Parameters tables in the HiRISE
catalog are queried to determine the products associated with the

- If the -Color switch parameter is provided then Launch_HiGeom script will submit the color products to the geometry processing step. Launch_HiGeom will also check to make sure the red-filter RDR products exists and that HiCat's Observation_Geometry table has an entry for the give Observation_ID. Red-Filter products are othewise submitted to the pipeline.

- The EDR_Stats, HiCal, and HiStitch directory areas are interrogated to determine which products exist in the directory areas. If all files for a product were not found then an warning message given.

- A pvl file (extension .higeom.pvl) of all products is created and placed in the /HiRISE/Data/HiGeomInit/ directroy tree.

- If necessary product files were found then the list of file names (.higeom.pvl) is placed on the HiGeomInit Sources table using the Pipeline_Sources script. This action begins the RDR processing on the observation.

- A RDR processing can be "Forced" using the existing histitch product if the "-Force" switch is designated.

- Otherwise, if the necessary files were not found, then it is left to the user to edit the .higeom.pvl file or otherwise correct the problem before placing the list file on the HiGeomInit Sources table. Use the File_Status = "KEEP" option if this file is to act as a permanent record of which files are to be processed.

- If the -nopipe switch is provided in the command line then the HiGeomInit Sources Table is not populated.

Environment Variables

Launch_HiGeom uses the HiRISE_ROOT environment variable specifying the root directory of the HiRISE directory tree. Launch_HiGeom terminates if this environment variable does not exist.

Return Codes

The following codes are returned by Launch_HiGeom:

 0 - Success value
 1 - HiRISE_ROOT enviornment variable not defined
 2 - Invalid command line
 3 - MySql returned no results
 4 - Data_Location failed to create subdirectory location
 5 - Can not make a directory
 6 - Can not delete .higeom.pvl file
 7 - Pipeline_Source produced an error
 8 - Can not open *.higeom.pvl file
 9 - Can not force RDR process with File_Status = "KEEP"
10 - Error with configuration file
11 - An expected file does not exist 
=head1 Author

Eric Eliason UA/LPL


Copyright(C) 2006 Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.


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