Inititate the geometry processing pipelines to create mosaicked products geometrically processed to a standard map projection.


HiGeomInit -File <pathname> -Cat <Catalog> -Configuration <conf_file> -Nopipe -Help

-File <pathname>

The input to this pipe is a PVL file conntaining a list of ISIS file names that are to be used in the geometry processing. This file is presumably created by the "Launch_HiGeom" script. The list of ISIS file names, formatted as PVL, exists in the /HiRISE/Data/HiGeomInit directory tree.

=item -Configuration E<lt>B<conf_file>E<gt>

Specify the name of the configuration file such as HiGeomInit.conf. If not specified then the default is $HiRISE_ROOT/Configuration/HiGeomInit/HiGeomInit.conf

-Cat <Catalog>

Specify the catalog to be used for adding to the RedGeom Sources table. If not specified the default is HiRISE


This switch tells HiGeomInit to not place the processing files on the RedGeom_Sources table. All other functions of HiGeomInit are carried out.


Specify the -help parameter to get a description of the command line.


Inititiate the geometry processing pipelines to create mosaicked products geometrically processed to a standard map projection. The procedure is expected to run in the Conductor pipeline environment but may be run directly from the command line by a user.

The input to this program is a PVL file containing a list of ISIS file names to be used in the construction of the geometrically-processsed mosaics.

The procedure attempts to make a scrupulous check on the input images used to create the geometrically-processed mosaics. With these checks the subsequent geometry processing steps are likely to successfuly complete.

The HiGeomInit pipeline initiates the processing for either ISIS 3-color products (found in the Color directory tree) or red-filter products (found in the HiStitch directory tree). The name of the PVL file passed to the script specifies which processing is to occur. PVL files with extension "*_COLOR.higeom.pvl" identifies ISIS 3-color products are to be generated. The 3-color files are located in the Color directory tree. Files with extension "*_RED.higeom.pvl" identifies red-filter processing with input ISIS files are located in the HiStitch directory tree.

The procedure first updates the ISIS cube files with the necessary SPICE kernel information using the ISIS "spiceinit" program. Next, the procedure creates the map group processing parameters for the ".map.pvl" file placed in the RedGeom directory tree. Then the PVL file for the RedMosaic pipeline is created (but not submitted) in the RedMosaic directory tree for eventual RedMosaic pipeline step. Finally, the files to be processed are placed on the RedGeom Sources table.

The procedure also updates the Observation_Geometry table with viewing geometry information.

Configuration file

HiGeomInit must have a configuration file. It can be optionaly specified with the -Configruation parameter. If not specified in the command line, HiGeomInit looks for the file $HiRISE_ROOT/Configuration/HiGeomInit/HiGeomInit.conf. If the configuration file can not be found then HiGeomInit will terminate. Please see the documentation found in the configuration files for more information on the parameters used to guide the processing.

B<Please note:>

Because the HiGeomInit pipeline uses ISIS, its peferences file should be set for pipeline processing.

   HistoryPath        = $PWD
   HistoryRecording   = Off
 Group = SessionLog
  TerminalOutput = On
  FileOutput     = Off
  FileLine = on
  Format = PVL

ISIS Programs called campt camrange

Return Codes

The following codes are returned by HiGeomInit:

 0   Success value
 1   Command line error 
 2   Can not create a directory file
 3   HiRISE_ROOT enviornment variable not defined
 4   Data_Location failed to create subdirectory specification
 5   Can not find the input file 
 6   Can not open input file
 7   No product records found in input file
 8   Observation IDs do not match in list
 9   There are more then 28 products in a list
 10  More then two products specified for a CCD
 11  One or more files are missing
 12  PvlGetkeyval error
 13  Target not Mars
 14  Bad file nameing convention
 15  spiceinit failed
 16  Can not delete an existing file
 17  campt failed
 18  Problem with configuration file
 19  Can not delete a file
 20  Can not create a file
 21  Cannot open MySQL catalog
 22  Cannot delete the lockfile
 23  Launch_HiGeom failed for color


 Eric Eliason UA/LPL
 Audrie Fennema UA/LPL


Copyright(C) 2006 Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.


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