Wrapper for fei5get to allow retry attempts.


FEI_Fetch [-Tries] [-Delay] [-Expect] [...]



Maximum number of retry attempts to make. If unspecified, uses the default of 5.


Delay time between connection attempts (in seconds). The default is 120 seconds.


Filename to be expected, will be deleted if there is a failure.


FEI_Fetch is a wrapper for the FEI get utility. It will retry failed connections up to a maximum number of retry attempts, with a delay between attempts.

The maximum number of attempts can be passed with the command line option -Tries, otherwise it will default to five attempts.

The delay time can be passed in with the command line option -Delay, otherwise it will default to 120 seconds.

Exit Status

The number of files that failed to be processed; i.e. 0 on success. If a command line syntax error occurs the exit status will be 255.


Guy McArthur, UA/HiROC


Copyright (C) 2005 Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of the Planetary Image Research Laboratory, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona.

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