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The HiCat (HiRISE Catalog) is the central database system that links all the key elements of the HiRISE ground data system. It stores the metadata needed for suggesting, planning, commanding, retrieving, processing, validating, and distributing HiRISE images. In addition, it stores metadata from previous Mars missions, such as Viking, MGS, and Odyssey. HiCat provides links to the image data, but does not store those data internally.

These data are available (to different degrees) for the HiROC staff, distributed HiRISE Co-I's, other MRO scientists, and the general public (which includes the Mars science community). Data are organized with the following hierarchy: catalogs, tables, and fields. The catalogs are listed below. They consist of tables which have fields. For the sake of clarity, we subdivide the tables into groups and subgroups. However, these are not functional hierarchical levels in the database system. Follow the links below for more detailed information about each catalog and its contents.

Catalog: HiRISE
The main HiRISE catalog contains all the information used in operating the HiRISE camera after it is attached to the MRO spacecraft. The information is divided into those related to suggesting, planning, commanding, retrieving, processing, validating, and distributing the observations. The tag that follows an observation through all these catalogs (and from Earth to Mars and back) is the unique Observation_ID. This text representation also forms the core of the product names. The HiRISE catalog also contains ancillary information needed in various uplink and downlink activities, such as the people making image suggestions, MRO project uplink files, SPICE and engineering data, and public image releases.
Catalog: CRISM
This catalog stores metadata and locations of data files from the MRO Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer (CRISM). CRISM is a high spatial and spectral resolution spectrometer operating in the near-infrared. Many HiRISE observations are planned in coordination with CRISM.
Catalog: CTX
This catalog stores metadata from the MRO Context Imager (CTX). CTX provides high resolution, wide field-of-view context images for both HiRISE and CRISM observations, as well as targetting areas of scientific interest on its own. Many HiRISE observations have associated CTX observations.
Catalog: Odyssey
The Odyssey catalog contains data from the THEMIS and GRS instruments from the Mars Odyssey mission.
Catalog: MGS
MGS catalog contains data from MOC, MOLA, TES instruments in Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) mission.
Catalog: Viking
The Viking catalog contains data from the cameras and the IRTM instrument from the Viking orbiters.

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