Perform a highpass filter on the cubenorm table output of thepnode01>

columnar average and median values.


Cubenorm_Filter -Input <> -Output <> -filter <n> -pause_crop <TRUE/FALSE> -Divide -help


The full pathname of the cubenorm table of columnar averages


The full pathname of the output of the highpass filter of the cubenorm table


Size of boxcar filter (default 5)


Exclude the column averages (11 pixels) at the pause points in the image array (TRUE or FALSE). Applicable only to bin=1 images.


Use the divide HPF filtering rather than the subtractive HPF filtering as the default.


Cubenorm_Filter performs a highpass filter on the columnar averages and median values found in the table output of the cubenorm program. The input parameter -Filter specifies the width of the boxcar filter. The script will iterate 10 times on the boxcar filter


Eric Eliason UA/LPL


Copyright(C) 2004 Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona.

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