OnFailNotify is a "wrapper script" intended to be used in the pipeline Conductor environment. The OnFailNotify has two functions: 1) delete all files in the "/tmp" directory that have within the file name the identification specified by the "-id" parameter, and 2) issue an e-mail message using the "Notify" command. Please see additional information on "Notify" in its help.



-To <email recipient address>

[-From <email sender address>]

[-Reply-to <email reply-to address>]

-Subject <email subject text>

-Message <email body text> or @<source>

[-Limit <lines>], (default 100)

[-Limit_Last <lines>], (default 50)

[-id <Conductor_ID or other unique ID>]





Specify an e-mail address or list of addresses for receiving the error meessage.


Specify an optional e-mail address of sender


Specify an option reply-to e-mail address


Specify the Subject text of the e-mail


Specify the e-mail message body text or an optional source file with @<source> notation


Specify number of lines for top of text, default 100


Specify number of lines at bottom of text, default 50


Specify the Conductor_ID or other id. Any file name containing the text identifed by the "-Id" parameter will be deleted from the "/tmp" directory. If the "-Id" parameter is not specified then there will be no attempt to remove files from the "/tmp" directory.


If the parameter is specified then the script will provide commentary on its actions.


If this parameter is specified then user help will be provided.