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PIRL Software

To ask new and interesting science questions, we must build new software tools to help us in our work. Sometimes these tools are directly science-related, other times these tools are more general in nature. We have benefitted greatly from the large body of open source software available, and we hope to be of some small service by providing our own software solutions to the community.

If you are a PIRL user looking for information about software locally available on the PIRL systems, please visit the User's Guide section on System Software.

Software Distributed from PIRL
Open Source Software

Software with PIRL Enhancements
  • xv - Image viewer with Planetary Data System (PDS) file format support

People That Deal with Software

Somebody has to write all this software, and doing so in isolation would be a real pain. In addition to providing computational and software resources, PIRL also fosters the concept of actual people talking to each other about how to accomplish certain goals with the help of software.