Figure 10: A reconstruction of part of the Conamara region based on all images available for this region. We have not attempted to reconstruct the rafts in the northwest portion, because the motion has not been great, and most rafts are close to there original position. The independent reconstruction by Spaun et al. (1998) deleted many rafts because their goal was primarily to map amounts and directions of displacement, so those whose surfaces were too distorted to provide clues for the initial position were not relevant. In the northeast, we show precisely the reconstruction by Spaun et al. of the raft chain that represents the ridge system that crossed this area from north to south prior to creation of the chaotic terrain. Our reconstruction of the ridge-pair from east to southwest (slightly different from that by Spaun et al.) shows that nearly all pieces of this ridge system survived as a chain of rafts. (This graphic is based on that of Spaun et al., with the differences noted above.)