Preliminary names proposed for active features on Io (Paterae). Warning: These names have not yet been submitted to the IAU for approval.

Names in black have been assigned to features; green names have not yet been assigned.

Io name bank -> sun, fire, thunder gods and heroes, volcano gods, mythical blacksmiths. Names assigned to features:
Name Origin / myth Feature Location
AetnaGreek goddess who personifies Mt. Etna, volcano on SicilyNot Assigned
Aji-Suki-TakahikoneJapanese god of thunder, one of several. Born noisy, became more so as grew up. To quiet him, gods carried him up and down a ladder (explains approaching and receding sound of thunder). Not Assigned
Arinna Hittite goddess of the sun and war-like protectress 32 N, 147 W:
NIMS hot spot 9606W
BalderNorse god of light = so handsome, wise, and bright that light shined from him.Not Assigned
Belenus Celtic fire / sun god Not Assigned
Camaxtli Aztec creator of fire, god of war, hunting, and fate 16 N, 136 W
NIMS and SSI hot spot 9805A
ChaacMayan god of fertility and agriculture, the one who sends thunder and rain, benificent and a friend of man12N, 160 W:
"Golf Course"
DonarTeutonic (Old German) god of thunder and war-like strength, corresponds with Norse god Thor.24 N, 185.5 W:
SSI active feature
Ekhi Basque sun goddess, one single beam of her light can take away the power of nocturnal spirits and evil wizards 26 S, 88 W:
SSI Active feature
Futsu-Nushi Japanese god of fire and lightning Not Assigned
Gabija Lithuanian goddess of fire and the household, also appears as a spirit of fire 52 S, 203 W:
NIMS hot spot 9803E
Girru Akkadian god of fire and light, patron of civilization, messenger of the gods 22 N, 240 W:
NIMS hot spot 9803A
GoibniuIrish / Celtic smith god, son of the goddess Danu, possesses mead of eternal life, unsurpassed brewmaster, beer gave the drinker immortality, Welsh = GovannanNot Assigned
HaokahSioux god of thunder, also god of the hunt. Haokah laughs when he is sad, and cried when he is happy; has two horns on his head.20.9 S, 186.7 W:
NIMS hot spot 9803B, golf course near Dorian?
Hine-i-tapeka Polynesian goddess of the fire in the Earth 3 N, 76 W:
SSI hot spot, NE of Hi'iaka
Hora-galles Lapp god of thunder, portrayed carrying two hammers (symbol of thunder), equated with Norse god Thor.Not Assigned
Huitzilopochtli Aztec god of war and the sun, represented as a hummingbird Not Assigned
IndraVedic / Indian supreme ruler of gods, god of thunder and storms. Rides in golden chariot across heavens as sun-god, wields celestial weapon as thunder god = lightning bolt.Northernmost of the two Giant Calderas near the N. Pole
Itzamna Mayan sun god, god of knowledge -> brought knowledge to mankind, including learning, Mayan calendar, maize, and cocoa. Controlled day and night. 22 N, 220 W:
NIMS hot spot 9803D
KaminariJapanese Thunder Woman, also known as "Heaven's Noise", seen by some people in shape of heavenly queen.Not Assigned
Kinich Ahau Mayan sun deity 49N, 312 W:
NICMOS hot spot #11
Lei-ziChinese goddess of thunder, taught chinese the art of breeding silkworms, also known as Lei-tzu10 N, 45 W:
SSI active center
MichaboAlgonquin "great hare" and creator of the earth, associated with the sun and master of thunder and wind, founder of the human race.Not Assigned
Nairyosangha Persian god of fire and messenger between gods and men. Not Assigned
Namarrkun Australian lightning man, came out of the sky and made thunder and lightning by striking clouds with stone axes attached to his elbows and knees. When men and women disobeyed the law, he would hiss and crackle or strike wrongdoers with fiery spears. 11 N, 175 W:
SSI active feature S. of Zamama.
Print reference: S. Breeden and B. Wright, Kakadu, Looking After the Country-the Gagadju Way (Paramus: USA Prentice Hall, June 1990; ISBN 0135146054)
Ot Mongolian queen of fire and goddess of marriage 2 S, 218 W:
NIMS hot spot 9611A
Also name Ot Mons, 3 N, 218 W
Radigast Slav god of the sun Not Assigned
Resef Ugaritic and Phoenician god of lightning and pestilence, spreads plagues and death. Not Assigned
Savitr Vedic sun god Southernmost of the two Giant Calderas near the N. Pole
Seth Egyptian god of thunder, also god of chaos, embodiment of hostility and evil. Also known as Set, Setekh, Setesh, and Seti. Not Assigned
ShangoYoruba (Nigeria) god of thunder, portrayed with double axe on head, with six eyes and three heads32 N, 100 W:
SSI active center (or call it Skythia Patera?)
Shapash Ugaritic goddess of the sun, called "Torch of the gods" Not Assigned
Sol Norse sun-goddess, chased through sky by wolf named Skoll 16 S, 98 W:
NIMS hot spot, South of Sigurd
Summanus Roman god of nightly thunder (Zeus = god of thunder during the day), probably of Etruscan origin.Not Assigned
Surya Hindu god of the sun, holds lotus flower, rides a chariot, and has shiny, copper-colored skin. 22 N, 150 W:
SSI active feature, "Radiation Symbol"
Take-mika-zuchi A Japanese thunder godNot Assigned
TawhikiPolynesian (Maori) god of thunder and lightning, and of good health, expert at building fine houses and plaiting decorated floor matsNot Assigned
Vivasvant Hindu god of the sun as divinity, also architect who built cities of the gods Not Assigned
Wayland Anglo-saxon god of blacksmithing, held captive by king Nidud and forced to make wonderful items for him32 S, 226 W:
NIMS hot spot 9803C

Io name bank: Names that need to be verified with print sources
Name Origin / myth Feature Location
Aditinggi Indonesian god of the volcano Gunung Awu on Siau, IndonesiaEncyclopedia Mythica
Ah Kin Mayan sun god who controls drought and disease Encyclopedia Mythica
Ah PekuMayan god of thunderEncyclopedia Mythica
Al Ait Phoenician god of fire Encyclopedia Mythica
Al Bolom Tzacab Mayan god of agriculture, one who controls rain and thunder, name means "leaf-nosed one", portrayed with a leaf in his nose.Encyclopedia Mythica
Aluna Kagaba (Columbian native tribe) sun goddess, creator and mother of all Legends of Forever
Ama-Tsu-MaraJapanese Shinto god of smiths, cyclopean blacksmith god, made solar mirror to entice Amaterasu out of hidingEncyclopedia Mythica
Ani HyuntikwalaskiCherokee thunder beings who cause lightning fire in a hollow sycamore treeEncyclopedia Mythica
ApluEtruscan god of thunder and lightning, protrayed with wreath of laurel on his head, holding a staff in one hand and a laurel twig in other hand, modelled on Greek Apollo.Encyclopedia Mythica
AsurakumaraJain (India) group of gods, "demon princes", associated with rain and thunder.Encyclopedia Mythica
Awanawilonais Zuni Sun-father god, created himself body = sun out of thought, then created the rest of teh universe. Legends of Forever
Azaka-TonnerreHaitian god of thunder, and patron of agriculture and farmers, also known as AzacaEncyclopedia Mythica
DongoSonghai (Upper Niger River) god of thunderEncyclopedia Mythica
Eate Basque god of fire and storms, dark low voice warns against approaching hail storms and devastating fires Encyclopedia Mythica
Gerra Another babylonian fire god, son of earth goddess, Legends of Forever
Hunapu Mayan hero, associated with sun, celestial, and life, outsmarted lords of death, reborn as Sun god Legends of Forever
IllapaInca god of lightning, thunder, and rainstormsEncyclopedia Mythica
JumaFinnish / Cheremis god of the sky, and of thunder and lightning, also referred to as "the Great".Encyclopedia Mythica
Ku Hawaiian god of war, power, and sunrise, master god Legends of Forever
Kutkinnaku Siberian Koryak raven god, taught mankind how to make fire, also how to fish and hunt, gave shamans drums Encyclopedia Mythica
LeucetiosContinental Celtic god of thunderEncyclopedia Mythica
Magyar Hungarian sun god, golden-haired boy, turns into a bird to create mankind by diving to the bottom of the ocean and bringing up the seeds of mankind Hungarian Heritage Homepage
MajuBasque divine spirit of thunder, whose encounters with his consort Mari cause terrible thunderstorms or hailstorms. Also known as Sugaar, appears in the form of a snake.Encyclopedia Mythica
MamaraganAustralian aborigine man of lightning who rides on a thundercloud and throws bolts of lightning to ground, thunder is his voice.Encyclopedia Mythica
Manco Capac Inca solar god and god of fire, progenitor of Inca race Encyclopedia Mythica
Mani'to Lenape (Delaware) leader of all the gods, god of sunrise, sunset, and thunderstorms, lives in the land of the sun Legends of Forever
Mog Ruith Celtic / Irish one-eyed sun god who rides through the sky in a shining bronze chariot, or who flies through the sky like a bird Encyclopedia Mythica
Mu-king Chinese god of fire Encyclopedia Mythica
Ogoun Haitian voodoo god of war, fire, politics, iron, and thunderbolts, patron god of smiths' fire Encyclopedia Mythica
Ometecuhtli Aztec god of fire, creator god, lord of duality and of the unity of opposites Encyclopedia Mythica
OrkoBasque thunder godEncyclopedia Mythica
PajonnLapp god of thunderEncyclopedia Mythica
QuzahArabian (pre-islamic) god of storms and thunder, carries bow and arrows which causes hailstorms when fired.Encyclopedia Mythica
Raja IndaindaBatak thunder god, spy and messenger of the other godsEncyclopedia Mythica
SoboVoodoo (Caribbean) spirit of thunder, looks like a handsome soldierEncyclopedia Mythica
SteropesGreek Cyclops, name means "flasher", blacksmith to the Olympian gods (along with Brontes and Arges), created Zeus' thunderbolts, lives in Mt. Etna, forges make the volcano smoke.Encyclopedia Mythica
TadaklanTinguian (Luzon mountains, Philippines) god of thunder, lives in sky with dog Kimat = lightning.Encyclopedia Mythica
Tawa Pueblo spirit of the sun and creator of humans Encyclopedia Mythica
Thomagata Chibcha (Columbia) god of thunderEncyclopedia Mythica
Thor Norse god of thunder, threw war hammer in battle with giants Legends of Forever
TsuiKhoikhoi god of rain and thunder, also the god of sorcerers. Also known as Tsui'goab.Encyclopedia Mythica
UmvelinqangiZulu all-present creator god, manifests himself as thunder and earthquakes. Encyclopedia Mythica
Verbti Albanian god of fire and northern wind, blind, but has perfect hearing, aversion to obscene language and dirty business Encyclopedia Mythica
Visvakarma Hindu divine artificer, craftsman, and smithEncyclopedia Mythica
Wi Dakota Sioux spirit of the sun, associated with bison, all-knowing Encyclopedia Mythica
Woto Shongo (Africa) fire god Encyclopedia Mythica
XewiosoDahomey (western Africa) god of fertility and thunder, member of the Vodu godsEncyclopedia Mythica
Xocotl Aztec god of fire and the stars Encyclopedia Mythica
Yatikka Taccu Zuni sun god, consists of sun rays, lonely and secluded Legends of Forever
Zhu Rong Chinese god of fire and ruler of southern hemisphere, helped separate heaven and earth, also called Li or Chu-jung Encyclopedia Mythica
ZuSumerian - Akkadian divine storm-bird and personification of the thunder clouds. Demon, half-man half-bird, also known as Anzu and Imdugud. Encyclopedia Mythica

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