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I have a soft spot for the Coast Guard - my Dad (Paul C. Scotti) was in the USCG for 30 years, so I'm a Coast Guard Brat. Amongst the places I lived as a kid was Governors Island in N.Y. Harbor, a Coast Guard base, so I got to see the USCG up close and personal. For a time, until about my Sophomore year of High School, I wanted to attend the USCG Academy, but then I became infected by the Astronomy bug and took a different life path (that also eliminated the professional golfer career path...). After starting his career in the Coast Guard as a Gunners Mate during which time he served a years tour in Vietnam (see the link below to his book on the subject) and a precommission detail on the Coast Guard Cutter Munro (WHEC 724), my Dad switched gears, becoming a Photo Journalist which later became Public Affairs. Amongst his Public Affairs duties were a tour at Governors Island where he participated in covering incidents such as the collision of two ships off of Staten Island. Later, while stationed in Miami, he helped cover the ramming of a bridge in Florida by a vessel. His final assignment was in the Coast Guard Liason office to Hollywood. When you see a USCG helicopter or rescue vessel, his office was the one that Hollywood would contact to make arrangements. In case you can't tell, I'm awful proud of my Dad. His retirement ceremony was performed next to an 82 foot vessel similar to the one that he spent a year on in Vietnam. All those pictures, film and stories I saw and heard as a kid upon his return didn't convey how small those vessels were and how challenging it must have been to live on them, especially in high seas, and under the risk of being a target of a viscious enemy!

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