Pictures from July 2008

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Mexico trip!

full Trip preparations: using my LAMINATOR to make stencils.

full Cutting out the stencils...


full Pico is watching.

full Shirts in progress...

full Shirts hanging to dry.

full Finished product! A note on the "MEXICO" - I'm not a poor speller, nor is it some Russian-esque alterna-spelling, it's made up of the initials of all the people who went on the trip: Miguel, Jordy (plus a little extra "I") Kit, Katie, Ingrid, Keri, Jason, & Joe.

full These were the stencils I used.

full I messed up one of the stencils, so I spray-paint tye-dyed it!

full (back)

full Sunset in Mexico... (I didn't take nearly enough pictures on this trip! See Kit's facebook album for more, better!)

full Joe relaxing on the porch.

full Miguel's back, Kit, Jordy & Katie relaxing on the porch.

full The view down the beach from our porch.

full Another beautiful low tide as the sun sets.

full Ingrid, with beach behind her.

full Miguel & Kit make pina coladas!

full not sure what happened to Miguel's pants here....

full Joe reads on the couch.

full More ocean views....



full Ingrid + ocean, again.

full My Portuguese Man O' War sting! (didn't really photograph too well)

Backyard progress pictures, for Dad. :)

full Joe is building a form for pouring concrete. This will extend the patio out as far as the overhang hangs over (about as far as the shoadow in this picture).

full Joe has a cute butt.

full The garden - 2 kinds of basil in the front, tomatoes on stakes in the back. Zucchini, at this point still manageable, in the middle.

full Trumpet vine is flowering! We planted this last year on the center trellis, and thought it died. We were wrong! It came back all on its own.

full Another flower cluster on the trumpet vine.

full Joe built this raised brick area near the newer corner trellis. We have our fire bowl on it now. It's a nice place to have dinner.

full My petunias are happy. The vine on the right is a Tombstone Rose, one of two we got to climb the patio posts. It will grow huge and have bunches of white flowers.

full A view of the area by the shed, behind the trellis. Another nice place to have dinner. :)

full Tree update - Acacia

full Tree update - Mesquite

full Stinky is in a cage.

full Lucky is so relaxed, she's blurry.

full Stash!

Crafts & Animals...

full I am squishing Stash's head.

full She's too fast for me.

full Rocket for Joe (before)

full Back of rocket (I had this song stuck in my head)

full Rocket for Joe (after - note lined paper for scale)

full Arizona souvenir trinkets for Jordy & Katie. (before)

full Backs. (I have to give Joe credit for "Jello, Goodbye.")

full Fronts, after.

full Backs, after.

full Lucky is working on some paperwork.

full Stash really wishes you would just leave her alone.

full I got to cat-sit baby Mabel! She was lots of fun.

full I know this sounds unbelievable, but Pico started making the same little squeaky meow noise that Mabel made. Honest, I heard him do it. I'm not crazy.

Continuing on the animals & crafts theme, I made him this toy from beads and a bell.

full Stinky got her mosquito allergy again this year. She looks like hell. :(

full She just needs some steroids to clear that up.

full Beautiful tomatoes (except for the cracks) and basil from our garden.

full This was one of the best loaves of bread I've made - no-knead wheat bread, it was just simple & easy, but I finally got it right.

full Beautiful!

full Still life of a perfect meal: fresh bread, fresh tomatoes, basil & brie.

Goodbye Beers with Jordy & Katie. :(

full Andy & Hayley

full Lisa & Ben. Hey, Ben: "Italy called. They want their pizza back."
Nope, still not funny.

full Katie & Ingrid

full Better - less shiny.

full Jordy & Katie

full Better - looking at the camera.

full Jordy & Ingrid. I believe Jordy is contemplating the Retard Rocket necklace Katie made me.

Katie & Jordy's Stuff in Our House. :(

full Cool butcher-block-sideboard-thingy.

full Lucky likes the new futon.

full Pretty little blue lanterns make the bedroom like a fiesta.

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