Pictures from May-July 2008

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Bacchanal 2008

full We are Greek gods.

full Eve & Colin are, too.

full Putting on togas is a blurry business.

full Dave, Kelley, Eve, Colin

full Tamara & her JewDuck.

full Colin, Joe, Tamara

full Tom & some chicks

full Random Bacchanalia


full Gods.


full Cats enjoy mushy smelly crap on their birthday.

full Ingrid enjoys a Joyce in a cute outfit while sitting in front of a creative and elegant centerpiece.

Antique car show in Tucson

full The WWII vehicles.

full People check out the Kubelwagon.


full Mark with his Jeep.



full Joe with his car (nice shirt, huh?!)

full Ingrid makes this thing look good.

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