Pictures from April-May 2008

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When Joe goes away...

full The doorknob says hi!

full Personable appliances

full Hammer head rolls his eyes in your direction. You are so UN-handy.

full Let us help you prepare food!

full What a sweet face!

full Sad whiskey eyes.

full Pushup bar is looking at you.

full This show isn't even remotely interesting.

full This one looks like a bird.

full Face plate.

full It's getting hot in here so take off all your eyes!

full AAAAHAHAHAHA!!! I am the funniest person I know.

Ingrid's new haircut!

full I like it more than my overexposed face here might indicate. I'm not so good at these self-portraits.

full Side 1

full Side 2

full More views...




Planetary Sciences Field Trip: Beach Processes, Southern California

(For pictures from the last time we took this trip, click here.)
full Brian & Colin installing a CB.

full Joe is excited about this trip.

full Nicole deals with cooler confusion.

full Joe packs the truck.

full Holy crap what a fantastic packing job!

full First field trip together in years!

full Algodunes dune fields. You can see the wind blowing the sand off the tip of this dune crest.

full Lunch at the dunes.

full Milling.

full We drove by the Worst Park in America. Whoever Jeff Kissee was, he must have been a real a-hole.

full Here you can see the homeless camp at the back of the "park."

full The water fountain in the park was surrounded by rotting garbage.

full We gather by the Salton Sea.

full Dave photographs the Salton Sea.


full Dave Minton regales us with the history of the worst engineering disaster of the 20th century.

full Me.

full One of the vehicles, Keith and Tom against a backdrop of tufa-covered rocks from the high water level of prehistoric Lake Caihuilla.

full 2WD pickups couldn't make it up the sandy hill, so those suckers had to walk.

full Dave O'Brien uses paper & sand to demonstrate the geometry of the San Andreas fault.

full We go to look at rocks.

full Morning of Day 3 in our tent. Not really awake yet.

full It was a great campsite, and we didn't get driven over by any off-roaders. The weird shading is some interference from the tent screen.

full At a gas stop, this awesome bike pulled up. That is the luckiest woman in the world.

full Colin ("White Noise") was our steadfast driver.

full Joe ("Nerve Gas") with Day 3 hair.

full My Day 3 hair wasn't bad at all.

full Taster's Choi.

full Giant chickens!

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