Spitaubar Pictures March 2008

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Mount Wasson Hike, 15 March 2008

full Leaving the parking lot. (Chris, Chuck, Joe, Dave)

full Petroglyphs!




full More modern petroglyphs.

full This canyon was full of petroglyphs.

full View back through the canyon (and someone else phtoographing the petroglyphs).


full Joe's butt (there are a lot of these!)

full The wildflowers were beautiful! (There are a lot of these, too!)


full Great view!



full Chris & Dave

full More flowers....

full Another shot of Joe's butt.... (What can I do? I was behind him the whole time!)

full The hills were blanketed with these gorgeous golden poppies.


full Chuck at the top of the peak, pointing out every peak within view, all of which he has climbed.

full Chris, victorious.

full Joe, contemplating the view.

full Dave, looking into the distance.

full Ingrid & Joe at the top of Mt. Wasson.

full The view....



full Ingrid, climber of peaks!



full Chris's professional geologist photo op.




full OK, I got carried away with the flower pictures....


full An old copper mine. Dave found some Fool's Gold near the opening.

Flowers at home, March 2008

full Our own wildflowers! They just popped up!




full Tree update, mesquite.

full Acacia.

full Our new trellis!

full Gorgeous! (Joe built it himself!)

full Close up of the vines we got, cape honeysuckle.

Our first beer: Hop Replacement

full Joe thinks it has an excellent clarity and color.

full Pretty!

full And fun to drink!

full Ingrid, Beer, Joe

Al's wedding, L.A., 22 March 2008

full We took a quick trip to Newport Beach Saturday morning. It was beautiful, not crowded at all.

full Ingrid & Joe at the BEACH!

full So happy!

full Joe driving around Diamond Bar with Bang.

full This is where I tried to get a picture of Joe's old house through the back-seat window.

full Street sign: Acacia St.

full I'm not sure if this was the right house or not.

full This might be it....

full ???

full The wedding ceremony, in a beautiful hall that used to be a church. Note the centerpiece. :)

full Al and Rikki saying their vows.

full This is blurry, but I love that look she's giving him - so cute!


full Her dress was gorgeous.

full So were we. :)


full I is on yer RAZR, makin' social callz

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