November 2007

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Thanksgiving in Connecticut

full As a special surprise for Andrew & Michelle, we decorated the spare room for them.

full So pretty!

full A piece of art, really.

full We thought it was hilarious.

full (Luckily, so did they.)

full What, are you going to cry? There's lots of tissues for you when you do!

full Michelle's such a good sport!

full Dad napping, looking like a little gnome.

full The fire-making endeavor begins.

full Lots of onlookers making helpful suggestions.

full Ingrid & Mom look so pretty!

full Mom & Dad

full They're wearing shorts! In November! In Connecticut!

full The bird!

full Mom's helping!


full Joe & Uncle Carl

full Katherine

full Mom working hard, while I get in the way & take pictures of myself.

full The matrons - I mean matriarchs.

full Dad carving the turkey.

full Serving dinner.

full The table!

full After-dinner activity: pretty nails!

full oooooh!

full Not "tarty" at all, don't you think?

full Beautiful ladies of the night: Mom, Katherine, Kristin & Leanna

full The jello mold: Before.

full The jello mold: After. :(

full Monkey face!

full You can't read it, but Joe got a Participation Award!

full Joe, Andrew & Dad, behind the smoke from their hand-made fire.


full Clean living room

full Clean dining room

full Clean bedroom. (Go, roomba, go!)

full Clean vanity.
Joe found this awesome vanity for me and installed lights around it so I can do my makeup like a movie star.

full We decided to hang the wedding quilt my Mom made. I couldn't deal with the cats shedding all over it any longer.

full Clean OFFICE - YES, I KNOW!!!

full It's gorgeous!

full Joe found this cute shelf for me on Craig's List. We decided it looks vaguely Swedish. You can also see a glimpse of my sparkly calf-skirts in this shot.

full ...AND I put curtains up!

full So organized!


full Look at that beautiful floor! Just LOOK at it!

full Stinky is not OK with all the cleaning. She wishes you would stop moving her stuff.

full Lucky thinks this spot might be safe from the Roomba.

full Tree update: Sweet Acacia

full Tree update: Mesquite

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